Reporter Morgan Saxton can’t tell the difference between a cat and a dog at point blank range

Its a dog

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KUTV2 reporter Morgan Saxton was presenting a broadcast in Utah County in the dark after the flooding. She was commenting on the condition of the area and up walks a dog. She created a stir because she first says a dog has arrived followed by uncertainty as to whether it is some other strange creature.

‘I think it’s a dog…I’m not sure. But, um, anyway, there’s some creature below me…’

And that ladies and gentlemen were the words that set alarms bells ringing and a viral circulation of her broadcast. People weighed in on identifying the mystery creature which always looked like a plain old dog to me. What else could the animal be?

It was impossible for the animal to be a domestic cat or a mountain lion. It does not look like a coyote but does look like a dog, which it actually is.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources sent down an expert to check out paw prints and identified a dog. Surprise!

The local resident's dog
The local resident’s dog

The dog’s owner’s came forward with a photo to prove that Morgan Saxton saw a….yes, a dog.

It’s a slow news day folks….

4 thoughts on “Reporter Morgan Saxton can’t tell the difference between a cat and a dog at point blank range”

  1. Это собака – пума , я с Украины , и изучаю криптидов , много где в США я читал о встрече с собако – пумой .

  2. Awww, it’s hard work pulling it all together and holding it all together for a piece to camemera, even in ideal, calm, daylight conditipns. I think the crew would have been holding up a powerful light to illuminate Morgan, which would have put the dog, from her point of view partially in shadow.

    It is even harder doing a ptc in the dark!

    • You’re very kind Jane, thanks. I don’t think it was that hard to tell that a dog was approaching and walked right next to her.

      • Maybe the female reporter was just a ditzy airhead.

        Have you ever done a news item piece to camera in the dark, outside? Ever been out with a news crew?

        When you are doing a ptc, your mind is concentrating on several important things at once. Not so rasy, it takes confidence, practice in spades!

        Good OB reporters make it look easy, so we think it is easy, it is anything but.


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