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Reports of rabid cats in America are inflated because of a dislike of feral cats — 3 Comments

  1. (sigh) KT (aka Woodrow the cat-hater/killer) is at it again I see. I wonder if there’s ANYthing good about the guy. Anyway, two things. 1: the photo of the cat with the foaming mouth. People mildly familiar with them knows that cats can foam due to having tasted any number of things they don’t agree with, like citrus, medicine or just from having a topical flea treatment applied behind the neck. 2: Otherwise decent, caring professionals can jump to hasty suspicions and fears when scratched by a cat not their own. I’ve had two stray cats who were needlessly killed by veterinarians because they were too careful and didn’t care. I’ve also spoken to dozens of vets (including these two) over 24 years about cats having rabies (including these two)… none said they’d ever run across a case. And yeah, reporters eager to publish sensational stories will jump to conclusions or print suggestive stories based on just the possibility, nothing else. The difference between possible and probable is lost on some people.

  2. “Reported” as defined by the legal community, the medical community, and the CDC is that that many cats that attacked people had been tested for rabies and were found 100% positive for rabies. This doesn’t count all the thousands of cats every year that are rabid and go unreported. Nor does this count the thousands of cat attacks that happen each year where the cat cannot be found again to be tested and LEGALLY REPORTED but the human has to get their $10,000 rabies shots anyway. Better to be safe than dead from cat transmitted rabies. Considering that everyone has 4X’s more risk from cat-attack transmitted rabies than from stray dogs in the USA.

    Nice to see that your perpetual disinformation campaign in favor of cat lives over human lives (and all other animal life on earth) still finds no end in sight. What’s the matter? Did all humans in your life reject you all your life? That would be my guess why you spew your biased lies so much and so often.

    You’re just a wildlife hater and human hater and will never be anything more than that. You don’t even really care about cats’ lives. You just use them for a source of income for yourself. You’d rather cats were ran over by cars, poisoned, or shot to death rather than kept safely on ones own property. Your true face is showing–always.

    • Your comment proves exactly what I am saying in the article! It is perfect and for good measure you have gratuitously attacked me as well. Brilliant. Thanks KT. How many cats have you killed this year?

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