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Reports That Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter May Be Dangerous — 12 Comments

  1. I have 5 cats. One started looking really skinny not long after starting this litter. He was already on the thin side, and then I realized I haven’t had weight issues with ANY of them since using it– this is a sign of a toxic substance, and I’m willing to bet you all it’s metals toxicity. Has anyone had this stuff tested?

  2. My cat started an allergy around her eyes due to this litter. We had several vet visits, medications, food trial and errors and we narrowed it down to Tidy Cats unscented lightweight litter.She was losing fur around her eyes and her eyes were crusty and tearing, and the skin looked red underneath. She is an indoor cat, not exposed to anything.I switched back to Fresh Step unscented and shes fine.

  3. I bought this litter thinking it will be great, I could carry it from my car down 3 flights of stairs to my apartment. It was great until I found out I was extremely allergic to it. I had welts about 2″ long from head to toe and they itched like hell. My face swelled up, my lips swelled up it was awful. It took me about a week to realize it was the litter giving me the reaction and not my lotions, or laundry detergent. Once I figured it out I had to do a deep house cleaning, including washing my cat (which of course was a fight in and of itself), wash loads of laundry several times. Once I got all that done and got the litter out of my apartment everything was fine. Just want to warn others, if you have sensitive skin or whatever DONT get this litter!

  4. I have had three major allergy attacks in the past six months, and now even the cat is sneezing.

    The only thing I could think of to trigger these attacks has been my “change” to this lightweight litter.

    Whether it’s dust or whatever, I am convinced that at least my reaction is due to the use — I’m not sure if the cat is sneezing due to a cold or allergies.

    Thank you for making a page about this — I thought I was going crazy.

  5. I’m so relieved that I didn’t buy this.
    I considered it about 2 weeks ago, but it was a little too pricey for me at the time.
    It makes sense that something very light like this is more easily airborne and likely to be inhaled.

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