Republished photo of cat wrapped in duct tape is from an animal cruelty case in 2009

For some reason, this photo is in circulation again. The republished photo is causing a stir in the cat advocacy community as inboxes are filled with people wanting justice. This actually happened in Philly in September 2009 but is being represented as breaking new.

Original photo posted by Pennsylvania SPCA in 2009
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PennsylvaniaSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officers arrested James Davis, 19, Sunday for duct taping the cat, now dubbed ‘Sticky’ from her neck to her tail and dumping her in a yard in North Philadelphia. Davis was charged with animal cruelty and had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Davis faced up to two years in prison and a minimum $1,000 fine if convicted.

Sticky recovered and a forever home was chosen out of the more than 100 people who applied to adopt her.

It seems that people are taking the photo and using different captions trying to upset people. Just your typical internet troll. The photo also teaches those in cat advocacy an important lesson.



Please check out whether or not a case is recent before blowing up social media. You’ll save those trying to save cats a lot of time and trouble by making sure the case is both recent as well as true.

I’ve searched online and found no record of a conviction. If anyone does find one, please post a link in the comments. He most likely got away with it.



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