Rescue cat credited with saving her owner when his blood glucose escalated to over 900

A cat rescued from the Lake Humane Society in Ohio is being credited with saving the life of her owner when the owner’s blood glucose level escalated to over 900.

cat saves owner
Bear woke her owner and saved his life (Lake Humane Society)
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A Mentor resident named Alan rescued Bear back in December 2018, never dreaming that Bear would know what to do when he suffered a medical emergency.

Last week Alan wasn’t feeling well (he suffers from multiple health issues) and decided to take a nap. Lake Humane Society described Bear’s desperate attempt to save her human, stating

Alan, who lives alone and suffers with numerous health conditions, was not feeling well last week and thought taking a nap would help him to feel better. But Bear would not have it! Bear knew something was wrong and sprang into action.

Bear managed to awaken Alan. When he awoke he was feeling dizzy and decided to call 911. When EMTs arrived they discovered his blood glucose was over 900. Alan’s doctor said if Alan had stayed asleep he’d have died. He was admitted to hospital but is now back home with his “queen.”

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