Rescue cat in Irpin, Ukraine dies of a heart attack during Russian bombardment

Zhvoten a rescue cat who died of a heart attack at a rescue center in Irpin, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine during a Russian bombardment.
Zhovten a rescue cat who died of a heart attack at a rescue center in Irpin, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine during a Russian bombardment.. Image: Zoo Patrol.
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NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a little story tucked away on the internet, almost invisible, but important, about the death of a rescue cat in Ukraine during the illegal war started by Russia which continues to be so devastating to people and animals. The story serves to highlight how the war is killing animals.

Zhovten (meaning ‘October’ in English), a male tabby cat, was rescued from a road in Kyiv Oblast (a province encompassing the capital), as I understand it, during October 2022. His hind legs were broken. Animal welfare volunteers saved and rehabilitated him to the point where he was due to be rehomed in Paris, France. He was scheduled to to travel to Paris this month for a fresh start in life in a peaceful city.

As I understand it, he was at a shelter in Irpin, Kyiv Oblast ready for that journey when another Russian bombardment started. The news media report is that he died of ‘heart failure’ which I will take to mean a heart attack due to the incredibly frightening bombardment.

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The shelter organisation is called Zoopatrul (English translation: Zoo Patrol) and they commented that, “Unfortunately, not all of the animals in our shelter survived the enemy attack. It was very noisy at night because of the bombardments and air defence operations. The power went out in the shelter. The dogs were trembling, and Zhovten just seemed frozen in place.”

During the Russian bombardment 99 missiles were fired on Ukrainian cities. It was the second largest Russian air attack on Ukraine according to the report that I am reading. Two people were killed and 50 were injured.

That’s all I know. As I said, the story reports on the end of the life of one domestic cat rescued by a charity with a lot of work and dedication. They had found a new home for him and now it’s all over.

I think we need to remember the animals as well as the Ukrainian warriors who fight to defend their country and the innocent civilians who die under the Russian bombardments. They should all be in our thoughts and may Zhovten rest in peace. Bless him. He is in a better place.

All of us wish this war to be over but it must be in a just way otherwise they won’t not be lasting peace.

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Source: Ukrainska Pravda. 3rd Jan 2023.

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