Rescue Cat Photographic Portrait

This is a beautiful rescue cat photographic portrait by the well-known cat photographer Helmi Flick. I’m particularly impressed with it because it shows us how beautiful rescue cats can be. You don’t have to be a fancy purebred cat to be a wonderful photographic model. I particularly like the colors. The background color is well chosen. There is a nice quality about the juxtaposition of the colors in this image.

You can see that Firefly has been positioned facing away from the camera while Helmi’s husband attracts the cat’s attention using a cat tease so that she turns her head over her left shoulder which makes for a great portrait.

This attractive cat is ‘Lucy Firefly Chai of Howling Coyote’, a wonderful little rescue kitten. She is currently in the top 25 International HHPK (Household Pet Kitten) for TICA. You probably know that you can show non-purebred cats at cat shows. In this instance the category is Household Pet Kitten.


This classic photograph was created by Helmi Flick at a cat show in Wichita, Kansas. Helmi said that the cat was an excellent model. Some cats are very cooperative and photogenic. Firefly is one of those cats. Helmi travels all over America photographing cats at shows.

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  1. Very pleasing little cat and portrait. All cats are beautiful given the love and care Firefly obviously gets. She’s nice and relaxed, not bothered by having her image caught. It’s not an easy thing to capture that perfect moment. Ms Flick has a great eye


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