Rescue cat who had a terrible past still trusts and loves

This is a story of a rescue cat who came to her current human guardian underweight, terrified and extremely thin. Kat Rosely tells us that her rescue cat had been locked in a shed and hit with a stick.

Rescue cat who had a frightening life learned to trust and show affection again
Rescue cat who had a frightening life learned to trust and show affection again. Photo: a relation of Kat Rosely?
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Having run this website for going on for a dozen years I can honestly say that I have read quite a few stories of cats who have had very tough and frightening lives but when rescued and loved by a decent and caring human companion they flourish and trust again. There is lots of inherent affection in a domestic cat for a caring human guardian.

Kat says that her cat has every right to be terrified of humans and yet:

“She is the most affectionate, loving animal I’ve ever had the pleasure of the company of. She quite often climbs onto the bed and sleeps snuggled into the crock of my arm, or just lying on me, purring as I breathe.”

At one time, when they were out of their flat, a car went through the side of their home. I presume that her flat is quite close to a main road. The police telephoned her and told her what had happened. Kat mentioned her cat but the police couldn’t find her. They searched and searched. Kat was convinced that she had been killed. As soon as she got inside her flat..

“I called her once and she came running to me from a corner she had hidden in. She got inside my jumper and wouldn’t come out”.

When she comes back from holiday her cat comes running out, “yipping and purring, climbs up on my shoulder and rests her head on me as soon as I pick her up”.

It seems that domestic cats have a greater capacity than humans to learn to trust again. Perhaps they are less concerned with self-interest and manipulative behaviour. They seem to be more honest than adult humans; more like children who are inherently honest.

Whatever the reason, this little story is not untypical of domestic cat behaviour and is one of the reasons why cat guardians form strong friendships with their cat companion.


Note: Kat Rosely wrote her story on the website.

1 thought on “Rescue cat who had a terrible past still trusts and loves”

  1. Having seen first hand the obscene cruelty that children can mete out to other species, as well as their own, I’m not so sure that the ‘innocent child’ analogy works for me.

    Other species, at any age, have a purity of intent and purpose to me that humans have mostly lost.

    Kat is one of the best sorts, willing to take on a very sweet, traumatised cat. We need more like Kat and we need more cats who have come through hell to find loving, patient, forever homes.

    Better still we need an end to neglect, abuse and cruelty to all living beings.


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