Rescue Cats Are Beautiful

Here are three rescue cats that just happen to be at the top of Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue’s (RMFR) Flickr page. I did not select them with care. They were just there and I thought, “these cats are beautiful”. For a moment, I am putting aside the fact that all cats are equally beautiful. I am looking at rescue cats as competition for pedigree cats. A lot of people select cats on appearance. Well, on that criterion, these cats are stiff competition to pedigree cats.

Zoey a beautiful rescue cat

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Zoey: Glossy black coat. Strong attractive face. Bright yellow contrasting eyes. She has her claws too! No one declawed her. Character as described by RMFR: “a very sweet girl who loves getting attention”. She is a lap cat too and likes to talk a bit. Perfect. Her story: Her owners lost their home and had to move to an apartment where cats are banned. I don’t want to be cynical and please forgive me if I am wrong but that is a common excuse. I don’t want to set a standard that is too high but can’t people find a place where cats are accepted when they move? Zoey is estimated to be about 4 years old.

Pearl Duncan beautiful rescue cat

Pearl Duncan: I don’t have any information about her. I am sure it is because she has been adopted. She is a glamor puss. Long fur. Grey with a dash of brown, tabby and white coat. Plumed tail. Beautiful blue eyes. Charming looking, pretty cat. She’d beat a pedigree cat anytime.
Remy a beautifull rescue cat

Remy: Sharp alert face. Red tabby and white coat. Deep copper eyes to match. He is about a year old and “good with cats”. He’ll fit in nicely. Not declawed. Great.

There are many more beautiful rescue cats at RMFR. There are many more beautiful rescue cats all over the country – any country. Everyone should start at places like RMFR if they want to adopt a cat.

RMFR’s website.

12 thoughts on “Rescue Cats Are Beautiful”

  1. “Pearl Duncan” would cost a fortune in Mumbai if sold by a pet breeder, a real beautiful cat with beautiful eyes.It saddens me to imagine that such high quality cats are normally euthanized in American and European cat shelters.Responsible cat ownership and breeding is the only solution to preventing the mass murder of unwanted cats in the cat shelters of Europe and America.

    • Pearl Duncan looks like a pedigree cat and as you say this sort of cat might be euthanised at a shelter. I don’t know what the policy at Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue’s (RMFR) is. I hope all the cats are rehomed.

  2. Here’s our family. All except Furby and Lola were rescued off of death row in Greenville. Furby was rescued after crossing the road and Lola was an orphaned kitten another mama cat too in when she wandered into her litter. This is a good number for us. They live in different rooms so it’s not overwhelming. Renny, Lucky and Oozy stay in my room most of the time because Renny either wants to beat up everyone or they want to beat him up. He’s a feral and just “different.” Cassie. Coral, Lola, Sheela and Jubi pretty much stay in Laura’s room where they watch out her window. The others hang out in the living room/kitchen.

    • More proof that rescue cats are beautiful. Furby has a standout appearance and your latest, Oozy, is just plain eye catching. But they are all as attractive as each other. Their coat types are almost a cross-section of mainstream domestic cats.

      • Oozy is probably the only cat in the world named after an oozing abscess. At least the shelter had been giving him pain medication as well as antibiotics. He had been there a month earlier when we foster 2 different kittens and this time he came to the front of his cage in one of the cat room where the cats weren’t even being networked for adoption. He’s a mean little booger. Likes to bite Laura on the finger just to hear her in pain. He loves Sealy and tries to lay near him. And Brinkley and Lucky have practically adopted him. Look how shiny they are.

          • He going to be a BIG cat. Another month and he’ll be as big as Lucky and Renny. After that we’ll just have to wait and see. We’re keeping his name though. Anyone ever breaks in on us I’ll yell “get the oozy” and hopefully they’ll think we have a big gun. LOL. He seems to enjoy having him picture made.

  3. Yes those cats are beautiful and although I think all cats are beautiful some pedigree cats especially bred are not as attractive looking as cats born naturally. Interbreeding or purposeful deformities are sad and wrong and I wish the people who keep on breeding cats like that would stop and think what they are doing. Not only breeding cats with health problems but by selling them they are depriving other beautiful cats of homes and helping to cause them to be killed as unwanted.
    All breeding of pedigree cats or semi wild cats should stop until every ordinary cat has a home and the killing of them has stopped!

    • Agree so much, Ruth AKA.

      I have a disdain for breeders when there are so many cats that need homes.
      I see breeders as self serving and discriminating in their affection for cats. I want to just shake them and say, “What are you thinking? Look around you!”

      The cats shown here are wonderful. I would never be able to choose any cat at RMFR that I liked the most. They’re all beautiful.

    • I agree completely too, with everything you state. I hate to keep saying it but I find it irresponsible to breed cats and breed some cats with anatomical deformities while beautiful unwanted cats are being deliberately killed. I just don’t get it. No one is prepared to address this issue.


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