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Rescue center left adopter with large veterinary bill — 19 Comments

  1. Find it so appalling that a rescue would deceive folks about an animal . It is hard enough to find loving homes for these homeless furries . This is another reason why it is so difficult . People are leary of the statements in the health of these poor babies! Cheers for Pam and her sister for forging ahead anyway,and Kudos once again to Marc for saving the day!!

    • I donated a little- don’thave much left – but I’ll be told how it went and sent a couple pics of Ralph after the op which I will share here – I’m sure we all wantto know what happens.

      • Marc it’s a wonder you ever have anything left for yourself! I’ve never known such a kind person.
        Cats Protection have every cat coming into their care vet checked, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped if not already done and also dental work if necessary before they are put up for adoption. But it all costs money, so although it’s not right to adopt a cat out like Ralph who needs treatment, it’s understandable a Shelter might try to cut costs that way.
        Pam is obviously a cat lover, I hope Ralph’s treatment goes well and he has a long and happy life with her.

        • I know – the money I gave to Marion is tiny if you consider expenses – its nothing – it will be gone in a week or two no doubt. I wish I had more money!
          I’ll update what happens with Ralph either here or in comments later when it happens.

          • Marc the money you gave to Marion was far from tiny, it was HUGE and I know she was genuinely surprised and grateful and will put every penny to good use for sure.
            I wish I had more money too, I wish I’d had a better paid job and some savings. I wish our little weekly flutter on the lotto would come up. I hate to hear of people who win saying they will buy a new car, designer clothes, go on holiday. All we would want would be for Babz to be able to retire and spend more time on Animal welfare like I can. Also we’d help all the charities, just like you Marc, giving makes us happy.
            We are working on filling Christmas boxes with cat food for Cats Protection and Kays Hill but now hear Ark on the Edge are really struggling too so we need to stretch to doing three.
            How I wish we could help ALL cats…..but dream on Ruth …

        • Poor little Ralph – I’m so glad he got a nice adopter – I hope this is a good thing for him. Mitsi essentially died because of teeth problems. Ralph must be in a ton of pain. I can’t wait til he feels better and comes out of his shell. He needs the teeth out as soon as poss.

        • Nevermind – I donated my every last penny (350 cad) and they are now at 840 – I get my pay on the first of the month and Ralph gets her teeth done on the second. Now they have the money they need so it should be ok.

            • This is the latest Marc. You are a great guy:

              “Ralph had surgery today! The vet removed four of her back teeth. Pam and Ralph just got home and Ralph is really dopey from the anesthetic still. She has to take antibiotics for two weeks and then hopefully her mouth will be all healed! Now we have to wait and make sure she is eating and drinking okay with less teeth. If she is, then she shouldn’t need to go back to the vet for a while. Fingers crossed! Thanks again everyone!?

              • I know – yay – fingers crossed Ralph blossoms into a young cat again. I had personal experience with the worst of what badteeth and gums will do to a cat. She might have a whole new life ahead of her feeling better. I suggested they keep the laftover money for folow ups.

                • What is particularly beautiful about Marc’s gift is that it is, to all intents and purposes, anonymous. The woman who cares for Ralph could have thanked Marc – not that he wants thanks – or made some remark about a gift that made the whole the thing possible. This is a gift from a complete stranger. It is the Good Samaritan in action.

          • Our wonderful kind generous Marc! I worry he leaves himself short. A strange comparison I know but our late mother would give her last penny away, just like Marc, I sometimes wonder if he’s another long lost brother?

  2. A great story of cat philanthropy. Spending 800 U.S $ for veterinary bills on a adopted shelter cat is unimaginable and the person would be considered stupid or filthily rich.Veterinary treatment is expensive in all Country’s when compared to the cost and living standards of that particular country.No wonder many pets are dumped at “Pet Shelters” or abandoned on streets.

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