Rescue needed: 13-year-old declawed beauty is ‘shutting down’ at rural Georgia shelter

Update September 28, 2017: Mr. Kool has left the shelter after being rescued by Serenity for Seniors and has eaten some Rachel Ray cat food. Updates can be found on their Facebook page.

This senior beauty is running out of time at a rural Georgia shelter and needs your help. Mr. Kool is almost fully funded with rescue donations but he may not live much longer if he remains in the shelter.

Mr. Kool is declawed on his front paws. At age 13 he was surrendered by his owner to the Cobb County Animal Shelter in Marietta. He’s been there since September 19 and it’s been confirmed he’s no longer eating.

His Facebook thread on Cobb County Kitties states

* SENIOR ALERT* FRONT DECLAWED* 13 yr old Mr. Kool surrendered by owner!

This is MR. KOOL

ID 599688
Date Acquired: 9/19/2017
How Acquired: Owner turn in
Adoptable on: 9/19/2017
CAT 674
Age: 13 years
Gender: Male
Color: Gray Tabby and white
Coat: Medium hair
Tail: Long
Health: Good
Temper: Sweet

Cobb County Animal Control is located at:
1060 Al Bishop Dr.
Marietta, GA 30008
(770) 499-4136

Hours for Adoptions and Reclaim
(Closed on Mondays and Holidays)
• Tuesday thru Saturday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
• Sunday 2 pm to 5 pm

Mr. Kool has left the shelter!

Mr. Kool needs out immediately. At this point, a $45 donation could save his life. You can pledge to get him out on his Facebook thread above. (NOTE: He’s now fully funded!)

Another freedom photo!

To the heartless owner who threw him away when he got old, I hope karma’s a bitch and you reap what you sow.

An update will be posted in the comments once he’s safely out of the shelter.


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Rescue needed: 13-year-old declawed beauty is ‘shutting down’ at rural Georgia shelter — 26 Comments

  1. Poor Mr Kool, how awful he was relinquished to the shelter, how awful he was declawed in the first place. To lose your home at any age is dreadful for them, but at least he went to a shelter (even though he was lined up for death) he could have been dumped outside, defenceless without his claws, with no chance to live.

    The hell never ends for these poor declawed cats, how long before every state in the USA sees humane sense and bans this senseless and cruel mutilation?

    Mr Kool was lucky that the funds were donated to allow the rescue to get him out. So many don’t make it. When they shut down, it is so often the end for them, for an animal to give up hope itself, the saddest thing in the world in my view.

    Love and loud, hailing purrs to all those who donated, publicised and helped in his rescue. A long happy and safe life for Mr Kool, he deserves it. Every single cat does.


    • I love it when people come together online to help one cat, just one, it could be anyone of the millions who need homes. It gives me hope that the world can be good and decent. There are some great people in cat rescue. They really do the business. It is not just words but action. There are some great cat rescue networks in the US.


  2. I had shared this lovely kitty a couple days ago from the shelter site. . .very sad, but THANK YOU Serenity for Seniors!!! Praying that they can get Mr. Kool back on his feet with lots of TLC!! He is gorgeous!! Elisa and Michael, keep us posted if you are able. . . ♥♥♥


  3. I’ve been applying for a line of credit using my home as collateral, one reason for which so I could fly across the country and rescue someone like this. However I haven’t been able to secure it. Stay cool Mr. Kool… It’s a major emergency to get him out of there…


  4. That’s why I didn’t worry if donations went over the goal. There’s always another senior who needs saving or extra vet bills that come up.


    • The $45 would go to the rescue saving him. They just made goal so he’s fully funded. I hope to have a freedom photo or an update later.


    • It wasn’t a matter of the shelter keeping him alive longer. When a cat stops eating at the shelter it means they’ve given up. He could die within days. This is a very good shelter that I’ve written on numerous times.


  5. Pray God he is adopted. He is extremely handsome and would make a great companion. I suppose it is his age which is the barrier. He’d suit an older person.



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