Rescue of a Massachusetts cat stuck in a storm drain grate goes viral

With all of the abuse stories that flood the news these days, it’s refreshing to come across a feel-good rescue story. The rescue of a cat stuck in a storm drain grate has gone viral since Facebook: Winchendon Fire Department posted it on July 15.

cat stuck in storm drain
Cat stuck in storm drain (Winchendon FD)
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It’s hard to get a fire department to even come out these days to rescue a cat. The 1-year-old kitty pictured here had the misfortune of getting her head stuck in a storm drain grate on Maple Street in Winchendon, Massachusetts as she was trying to make her way out of the drain. Winchendon Fire Department got the call and went to help the compromised kitty. The poor kitty was barely breathing when the fire department arrived.

A dangerous situation (Winchendon FD)
A dangerous situation (Winchendon FD)

Firefighters wrote on their Facebook page:

“When we arrived, the cat was barely breathing and moving as she was hanging from the grate.”

Grate sat up to help rescue (Winchendon FD)
Grate sat up to help rescue (Winchendon FD)

The grate was removed and stood up so the cat could breathe. Meanwhile the owner of the cat showed up and someone got the idea of using dish soap to free her. After the soap was applied the fireman worked her head back out of the gate.

Kitty following her rescue (Winchendon FD)
Kitty following her rescue (Winchendon FD)

Many thanks to your crew. Not only did you think this cats life worth saving, you provided the world (and this story has gone viral) with their feel-good story of the day.

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