Rescue owner began shouting his story as Animal Protective League was removing 100+ cats

According to a report on October 2 from Fox8 News, an Ohio man began yelling that he wants his story told as large trucks showed up at his Seven Hills home to remove more than 100 cats.

more than 100 cats removed from Ohio home
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Dennis Glendenning, 75, has operated Lucky’s Angels Cat Rescue for several decades. People who know Dennis say he has taken in hospice (end of life) cats when no one else would.

While Animal Protective League was removing cats, Dennis began shouting his story

“They’re saying the cats were sick and yes, I have sick cats, but I’ve got 20 cages that I keep sick cats in. Then they come out and say the house has a disease in it so they’re taking them all.

The video below from Fox8 News shows the Animal Protection League workers suiting up since there were so many sick cats in the home.

One person commented once the post began circulating on Facebook stating

“Some of the cats that had been there for a while already had been diagnosed with terminally ill diseases, he opened his home to them because he knew that would be their last stop. He loved each and every one of them and cared for them the best he could.”


An APL spokesperson has confirmed the cats were seized. No additional details, including what will happen to the sick cats, has been released at this time. The coming days will update as to whether the rescue owner will face charges.

Anyone with more information on this seizure is welcome to comment.

Follow Elisa on Facebook. Photo courtesy screenshot Fox8 News. I will update this article or create a new one once more information is made available.

Two comments on Facebook

Mary Wagener: I’ve spoken to this man on many occasions. He would always be in PET SUPPLIES PLUS with some of his cats trying to adopt them out. I always gave him a donation. He told me that his wife passed away, but during her illness he promised her he would continue to help all these cats that needed a home. He deserves a chance.
He is a wonderful loving man. Please don’t judge him by this story alone. He has been committed to taking care of these strays for years. Using his own money and any donations he may receive.

Shawna Worrell: While i know this situation seems sad and heartless but in reality. Animal hoarding often leads to serious animal neglect and abuse! Also hoarding is a mental illness. Hoarding of any kind is sickening and unhealthy… i dont believe 1 older man could properly care for 100 cats. The living conditions for him and the cats was probably awful.

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14 thoughts on “Rescue owner began shouting his story as Animal Protective League was removing 100+ cats”

  1. How come that more people didn’t volunteer to help him out? Plenty of tutting hypocrites on the sidelines I see, chipping in with judgement based on little knowledge of the reality.

    An old terminally ill cat has as much right to be cared for kindly as all the cute rescue kittens in need of homes.

    Rescue everywhere is a mess. I hope that guy has some kind folk close to him who can be kind and supportive, sounds like he needs it.

    I find it so crass that people are so willing to castigate one man so strongly when they have no words of judgement for the people who dumped their cats on him.

    Rescue is fraught with so called pro-cat people ripping the shit out of those trying, in horrible circumstances, to help cats to the best of their ability.

    Just WHERE does it officially state that this guy was a “mentally ill hoarder” Have these accusers been privy to his medical records? I doubt it.

    If you did not try to help this guy, then you need to shut up with the judgement.

    This evisceration of one man makes more people hate cats, refuse to help cats, and it makes the judgement brigade of rescue look like dogs in the manger.

    Companion animal rescue is too often destroyed by competitive bullies. The result, fewer homings, fewer foster places, more cats suffer/die, people are hurt too.

  2. Elise I called the Animal Protective League and spoke with a woman there and she couldnt give me any updates since it is still in the investigation mode but she did tell me they will try to make sure he never has anymore cats,that got my knickers in a bunch,I called Mr.Glendenning but it went to voicemail and my heart is breaking for this man,all he wanted to do was help the special needs cats and carry on his wifes legacy,he is a legit non-profit and all his monetary proceeds went towards the medication and caring for the cats,his organization has been been ongoing for several decades and I still want to know if a disgruntled person reported him to the Animal Protective League .

    1. Absolutely correct. Not everyone with lots of cats are cat hoarders and crazy. There are some great cat owners looking after lots of cats. The Cat House on the Kings is the world’s best example!

      1. The real issue is always the same. So many homeless cats and pubic shelters that we know treat them like second class pets. There isn’t a week I don’t see a cat I’d love to take home but I know that right now 4 is my limit. If I won the lottery and built a giant cat rescue farm and took in 5000 cats to let them lead peaceful lives it still wouldn’t make a dent in the population issues. I know and understand how this happens. My heart aches for the cats and the humans trying to do something.

  3. I dont agree,sorry but he had volunteers,he always had his amazon wish list up and going which I have donated to 3 times,he looses his wife and now lost his cats,there is no mention of negligence or any kind of abuse on his part and medication for cats are made available to the public at feed stores,I get mine at tractor Supply and even give them their vaccinations when they need to be updated,I want to know why this happened to him,did someone call to get his cats taken from him,wot is the real story? and the link is his facebook page.

  4. Elisa Black-Taylor

    I just do extreme math. Say it takes 10 minutes per cat to feed, medicate and change litterbox. That’s moving at warp speed. He has at least 100 cats so that would be 1000 minutes per day and we may as well add vacuuming and mopping to this. Then add vet visits for the sick cats. It would be impossible for one man to do this. I doubt even 5-10 helpers would have issues.

    1. Some of the things you mention, such as feeding and litter box cleaning for the cats in the general population, would be caring for multiple cats at one time, not needing 10 minutes per cat. Obviously the cats in cages would take longer. I think we need to hear from some of the volunteers as to what actually took place. Hopefully that will happen.

  5. I’m sorry, but that’s way too many cats for him to care for. Even if most are healthy that’s too many. Does anyone agree?

    1. I agree. Cages? Even sick cats like to get around some.

      Even if I had help, that would be too many. My asthma is exacerbated by ammonia. Even if boxes were cleaned twice daily, my lungs wouldn’t survive.

      And there isn’t enough of one person’s energy to emotionally care for that many pets.

      I had eight and felt like I needed people to bond with the kitties.

      1. Elisa Black-Taylor

        And this has been a really bad kitten season. There aren’t nearly enough fosters to go around. Thank you Irish for giving us more information. I don’t know him. I’m keeping an eye out on whether he’ll get to keep any of his cats. My fear is some are in really bad shape and they’ll be euthanized and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing if they’re suffering.

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