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Rescue staffers spreading ringworm to cats — 10 Comments

  1. I too got ringworm, from my kitten, it’s a real pain in the
    @£% to get rid of, 6 months on after many and varied treatments I think she is o.k as I can’t see any big holes in her fur any more and just the occasional scratch nowadays,
    mine was never as bad as yours though, early stage itching only and only one small spot at a time on my arms, she gave it to the dog too who seems to be taking longer for the old spots to heal. Ringworm, ear mites so bad I couldn’t see into her ears and just skin and bones when I got her. Looking good now though.

    • Your comment is a very good one because it emphasises how troublesome ringworm is. Also you have battled through to fix things. I love to read about that. We are told that a person’s immune system should clear up ringworm but despite being fairly fit for an old person (65) I can’t clear it without anti-fungal creams and even then it takes 6 months. Ridiculous.

      • I am not so young myself (60), I must admit I felt a lot better about it after finding out it is not a worm! I use Anti-fungal cream too, I’m not as fit as I would like but so far I have been lucky with my health, I’ve pretty much decided to wait it out now and let my immune system take care of it, though the cream does seem to work to a certain extent.

  2. Worker touches an infected cat then goes to another cat, then another and another…
    The worker is the cause of shelter spread.
    They don’t seem to know the meaning of universal precautions.

  3. Sounds quite likely that ringworm is being spread between people and animals. I knew it could be spread from animals to people but not the other way around. I’ve never had a cat with ring worm and I’ve never had it myself. Does it itch Michael? Or hurt? have to gotten rid of it now?

      • Fungal infections are to get rid of though aren’t they? Like fungal nail infections. Thing is Michael people blame so much on animals don’t we? Whatever we want; its convenient because they can’t answer back 🙁

  4. Certainly very plausible that workers are spreading ringworm.
    I have very rarely seen a shelter worker wearing gloves (and changing them out) or even washing their hands between handling cats.

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