Rescue transporters are the biggest unnamed heroes in animal rescue

I’d like to pick up on a comment by Cheryl Knobloch on the story of the tragic vehicle accident in which Janice Lockmany was killed and her husband Kent badly injured while transporting rescue cats to a shelter or shelters. This comment gathered a heck of a lot of Facebook ‘likes’. It must have touched a nerve. It reflects the thoughts of many. I don’t know of another country with such a strong network of animal rescue transporters. America leads in this field.

I’d like to put names to the rescue transport heroes and heroines so we can praise and reward them.

Cheryl Ruth Porter Knobloch ยท Oklahoma State University
So terribly sad. Rescue transporters are the biggest unnamed heroes in animal rescue. There are foster and adopters and there are rescues, but without the transporters, many/most of these folks would be unable to get together. Please know I am also thinking of the transporter with whom I work the most -i Holli Halbert Miller and another in FL I see occasionally, Trina Bard. The loss of one dedicated person is a HUGE loss to the rescue community.

There is a fine Facebook page listing rescue transporters. I am told by the organiser of the FB page that most of them are volunteers who charge very small fees or make no charge…..

Another Facebook page is also concerned with rescue transport. They say that they reply to messages within minutes. It is called Rescue Transport USA.

If anyone visiting this page is involved in transporting rescue cats I’d love to hear from them in a comment. It would be nice to spread the word and give a name to these ‘heroes’.

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