Rescuer stated ‘This cats owner called me and told me she was going to do something harmful to her cat and that he’d be found dead somewhere soon…’

This is an article I’m using the ‘copy and paste’ technique because it’s quite long. It’s an excellent example of how cat (and dog) rescues are treated on a daily basis when an irresponsible cat owner wants to get rid of an unwanted cat. I didn’t even know what to call it until I turned to a dictionary.

cat rescued

Smokey is safe with a foster (courtesy photo)

Intimidation (according to Merriam-Webster)

Frightening, menacing, terrifying, scaring, alarming, terrorization, terrorizing, cowing, subduing, daunting, unnerving; threatening, domineering, browbeating, bullying, pressuring, pressurizing, pressurization, coercion, harassment, harrying, hounding, tormenting, plaguing; tyrannization, persecution, oppression; informal strong-arm tactics.

The source, situation, and location of this article will remain anonymous because it’s not necessary.  We all know how well the legal system protects abusers and the who, where and why doesn’t matter. The copy and paste is below

The story as I was given permission to post

This cats owner called me and told me she was going to do something harmful to her cat and that he’d be found dead somewhere soon…

She told me she wanted him gone because he was peeing on her blanket, and hiding. I usually take calls with a grain of salt, I’m used to people conniving and lying me just to get their cat gone. And I’m used to people getting dramatic with their stories but this woman bothered me.

It was an unsettling feeling I had. Every-time she talked about him, she was raging with anger. Her comments were disturbing. I wanted to ask her if she had taken him to the vet, but i already knew the answer.

She left two messages. The content was graphic and something told me the cat wasn’t safe. She kept repeating he’d be found dead somewhere soon. Said someone else might kill him too in the neighborhood.

The blanket he peed on was a blanket she spent money on. Apparently, she was chasing him through the house and he stayed in hiding. He was absolutely terrified of her.

We just got confirmation today that Smokey has and had a nasty urinary tract infection. He was peeing drops of blood which explains his random squatting. As for his shy and frightened demeanor, he’s perfect. He purrs and loves to be held. He had a raging infection which caused the sudden behavior change. Had this woman vetted him she would have found that out.

Once he gets well, he’ll go up for adoption. I can’t thank his foster mom enough for loving him. For taking good care of him.

We’ve got seven calls this month from folks ready to throw out their pets for urinary issues. No one likes to clean up constant pet messes. It can be frustrating to have to deal with pets who are incontinent. But for God’s sake, what kind of society are we living in when it’s okay to kill them for it? That’s what I try to wrap my head around.

I did get a chance to talk to the woman’s two adult sons. I was angry and told them that I was quite concerned about their mother’s threats. They put their hands up in defense of her. I walked out with the cat. Drove home feeling frustrated. Smokey is a sweet 12-pound love bug, two years old and the best is yet to come!!

Why I wanted to post this story

I wanted to post this story because this is the stress rescues are under practically year-round. It’s either people who no longer want their cats and probably shouldn’t have become a cat owner in the first place or they’re bored with a cat they once loved and want to pass the responsibility on to someone else.

I wanted to post this story so rescues would know they’re not alone. They’re not being singled out. It’s happening everywhere I look on Facebook. Especially since it’s kitten season (which I’m not convinced ever stops).

I snoop around a lot on Facebook looking for interesting content. What I’m seeing most are irresponsible owners who don’t spay or neuter. They dump the kittens AND the mama at the local shelter IF the cat family is lucky. The unlucky ones are just dumped anywhere.

For those involved in animal rescue

If you’ve had anything similar to this happen, please feel free to share your story in the comment section below. If you don’t want your name given just make one up (moderated comment section only for that). Or you can use the Facebook comment section following this article to post without going through moderation.

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