Residents sue town for $500k because of coyotes killing pets

Class action over coyotes killing pets
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Class action over coyotes killing pets. Screenshot

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada: A class action claim has been served on the administrators of Collingwood seeking punitive damages of half a million dollars says Cottage Life. The claim says that coyotes have killed or injured pets, I presume cats and dogs, and the city administrators have not done enough to prevent it.

Collingwood coyote signs

Collingwood coyote signs. Screenshot.

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The administrators said that there are many informative signs regarding coyotes. However, Jeff Brown states:

“Posting signs is one thing…But we’ve gotten to a stage where they (coyotes) need to be removed, they are dangerous, and they’ve attacked pets.”

The major, Brian Saunderson, disagrees. Although coyotes do attack and eat outside domestic and stray cats. But cats don’t make up a significant part of their diet because there are not enough cats in the urban environment.

Coyotes migrate to urban areas because they can avoid being trapped and shot at by humans there.

One reason why coyotes have attacked dogs is to defend offspring. They say that you should stand your ground with coyotes and make as much noise as possible and make yourself as big as possible. You should not turn your back and run as this encourages a chase.

If, despite this the coyote is habituated to humans and not fearful, Animal Control should be contacted to remove the animal.

Coyotes should be deterred from coming into backyard by not accepting it. The method described above should be employed. They say that if a person backs down and lets a coyotes dominate the encounter the animal will be encouraged to come into the yard. Conversely if the property owner stands firm the coyote is more likely to back down and not enter the backyard.

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