Rest in Peace Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

My wife and I received some sad news this weekend when we found out that one of our sweet semi-feral cats, Miss Kitty, had made her transition. We believe that she was hit or backed over by a car near our home. There were no outward signs of trauma except a few bits of missing fur. Our neighbor found her lying near the Leland cypress trees that border our two yards. This location is very close to our house and was a favorite lounging place for Miss Kitty and the rest of our feral cats.

Miss Kitty was brought to us as a kitten by her mother, Momma Kitty. She was a high-spirited and independent girl. The first time I saw her as a kitten, I attempted to pick her up. After a few swats to my hand and a long hiss, I decided to leave this feisty little kitten alone. Over the next couple of years she grew to be a beautiful and sweet cat. Her buff-colored coat was the softest I had ever felt. It was like running your hands through extra plush carpet or a favorite thick cotton blanket. She would greet me each morning with a soft meow and escort me to her food dish. She would always allow me to pet her while she ate. When she was done, she would gently rub against a few of the other cats in her kitty family and then head off on her own for the day. At night, she would return and follow the same routine. After dinner, she would bed down in one of the heated cat beds in the garage for a long night sleep. She loved it when one of the other cats would snuggle with her in her bed and never caused a fuss about anything.


Of course I know the dangers of allowing cats to stay outside. However, each of the cats in our colony came to us extremely feral. Some, over time, would permit me to pet them while they ate. Others would choose to only get within a few feet of me while I feed them. Since we couldn’t bring them inside of our home due to my extreme cat-related allergies, we provided them with open access to our garage for food, water and shelter. Their beds and linens are always kept clean. Most of their cat beds are heated. Since this winter has been unusually cold, we bought them with a small heater that we turn on for them on the nights when it drops below freezing. This heater has all of the latest safety features, of course. We had all of the cats in our colony vaccinated, spayed or neutered. Other than the occasional scrape or scratch, they all are very healthy.

In my opinion, it’s just as hard to lose one of your feral cats as it is a cat that lives in your home and is fully domesticated. Over these last few years, I must say that I’ve grown accustomed to spending time with each of them in the morning and evening. I know that they’re all well taken care of and always receive as much love and attention as they want from me. It is a deep sadness that my wife and I feel each time we lose a member of our furry family. We are attempting to come to terms with the fact that Miss Kitty will no longer be with us in physical form. However, her energy and spirit will always remain with us. She knows that we loved her and that we will miss seeing her each day. Rest in peace Miss Kitty.

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  1. Tim, what a beautiful tribute to a most remarkable kitty. She is so beautiful. I put that in the present tense because she will be in your heart forever- alive there with your memories and your deep love for her.

    You gave her an extraordinary life- one that she wouldn’t have had otherwise. A dear friend once sent me a poem when I lost one of my incredibly loving cats which reminded us that God lends us our precious cats for awhile- until He needs them back. While I am not particularly religious, I am deeply spiritual… and thse words were very comforting to me at the time.

    I will ask Mousie Tongue and my other bridge babies to look after Miss Kitty and show her around. She will be romping in the grass and playing with butterflies- waiting for you when it’s time. I must believe that we will be reunited with them again. That belief somehow relieves the pain.

    • Thanks Jo. I too am a very spiritual person. I do believe she can come and go as she pleases and will visit often. We all are one and will always be together on this earth plane and beyond. I know of the Rainbow Bridge poem but, would love to hear the one your friend sent you.

        • It has nothing to do with religion, Michael. I’m not a strong believer in God either.
          It has everything to do with desire.
          I think that, for everyone, we will get exactly what we desire from the afterlife.
          For me, it’s not so much about humans but everything about my cats.

          • once we have passed on into that realm where we can join them, then we can be. truly happy. And until then, we keep them in our hearts. It’s simple, yet so sweet, and true! There is no truer beauty than that in the eyes of a cat. unless it is in the eyes of the beholder? We are so entertwined! Yes?

        • I don’t think that I can bear to read that right now, Jo. And that is the strange thing about it. Those, like Tim and his wife, and Michael, and many more, need us to stay strong, have their back, and their shoulder, not let them know that we are almost feeling the same way they are. Because we’ve been through it, too. Now, it’s okay to lean on us if it helps lessen the hurt, any. Their little animal is thinking the very same thing, reaching out, after he/she gets over the doubt and confusion. We want them to know that we are here for them, and I believe, with all my heart, that our little one knows this, heart and soul. amen, Kita, Panda, Luna.

  2. That is so sad. Do you really think somebody killed her on purpose so close to your house?

    I would be in a terrible state if I knew something like that happened just nextdoor. Have you called the police?
    Being the USA I assume the police don’t care a damn about animal welfare.

  3. This is very sad but thank you, Tim, for writing about it. I love the way that you connected so closely with her. It’s quite a nice and interesting aspect to caring for feral cats that I had not fully comprehended, namely that you can build a very close relationship with individual cats as if they are domestic cats. I love that and well done to caring for her so beautifully.

    Another thing needs to be said. She is an absolutely gorgeous looking cat and she looks so healthy.

      • Tim, I can tell. She looks superb. What a beautiful cat she was. It proves that the feral cat can be as beautiful as any cat and people should not look down upon the feral cat, the unwanted cat, because sometimes they are more beautiful than any pedigree Cat.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, what a sad way to lose her. It doesn’t matter if a cat lives in the house or outside each one is individual and their life is precious, you obviously love your feral colony a lot and will miss Miss Kitty being around for a long time. Bless her little soul and RIP Miss Kitty x

  5. It is so hard.It breaks our heart to lose one.I am so sorry you lost Miss Kitty.I had a Miss Kitty once.She is buried in my pet cemetery..

  6. oh dan im so sorry its so horrible, when this sort of thing happens. She was very beautiful and ferel cats are just as much loved and missed as our domestic cats. It sounds like you looked after her very well. At least she will be in rainbow heaven with my cassy that passed two months ago as well as all the other kitties from poc and i know she will be well welcomed and loved. hugs

  7. So sorry to hear of Miss Kitty every cat Feral or otherwise has their own personality and that’s what’s so hard to bear that you will never see that little personalty again yet even so I’m sure her essence will still be around.

  8. Tim, I’m heartbroken and in tears right now. I’m so sorry.
    I’ll have to respond tomorrow.
    But, you’re right, ferals are just as much in our hearts as any domesticated cat, maybe more so, because we know that most live on the edge most of their lives and are never safe no matter what we do.

  9. Tim, I’m heartbroken and in tears right now. I’m so sorry.
    I’ll have to respond tomorrow.
    But, you’re right, ferals are just as much in our hearts as any domesticated cat, maybe more so, because we know that most live on the edge most of their lives and are never safe no matter what we do.

    • Thanks Dee. It has been very quiet without her around. The others have recovered and moved on with their daily routines. However, I know they miss her as well.

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