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Result of Cat Spaying Operation in Flank Looks Ghastly — 9 Comments

  1. I think a butcher would have done a better job. If they handed my cat to me like this, I would have taken some photos, no big deal I just like to document things, I’d pay the bill, put her in the car, grab the baseball bat I have there, walk back in and gone ape shit on the place! If they so much as looked at me funny they’d be next. Then I’d get my cat home, call a neighbor to care for her while I’m in jail and wait for the police. I would freaking LOSE IT!

  2. When vet nursing I assisted at hundreds, if not thousands, of cats spayed via the flank and none ever looked like this! Any vet should be able to spay a cat this way via a tiny incision and sew her up with just one or two blanket stitches and all the vets I worked for did it this way. The only time we made a belly incision was if the cat was in kitten. We never sent a cat home with dried blood on her, whoever did this is in the wrong profession, they should be working as a butcher!

  3. I agree with Michael’s comments on the quality of the incision. Although I have never heard of flank spaying until today, a good vet, regardless of surgical location, would not make such a mess of things. The normal incision for spaying is tiny (maybe an inch?), just enough to get instruments into the abdomen for extracting the ovaries/uterus. That looks botched to me. The owner definitely needs to rethink her choice of vets!

    • Thanks Cat’s Meow. I agree with you of course. It just looks wrong. I feel sorry for the cat. Poor thing. Entirely in the hands of humans.

  4. They would be probably have to throw me out of that butcher of a vet office because I would be livid if they did that to my cat. That cat is mutilated and butchered. I would report them to the vetenary board, demand a copy of the medical record which you are legally entitled to, but before all that take that poor cat to another vet, that cat could be in a lot of pain and it looks infected.

  5. The incision on the flank of this poor cat is absolutely appalling. I have never seen a spay wound this jagged and bloody. It looks like the cat was tortured, not fresh from a medical surgery. I would be afraid of an infection, and of course the poor kitty must be in pain. The veterinarian who “performed” this atrocity definitely is not very adept at finely detailed procedures. I would be prepared to get medical treatment from another veterinary clinic shortly if the affected area does not show signs of healing.

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