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Retired Man in Japan Now a Celebrity for Walking his Cats in a Baby Buggy — 5 Comments

  1. I’m impressed by how laid back those cats are. They look so at ease I’m guessing they’ve become accustomed to going out in the stroller since they were kittens.

    Nice to see some of his Persians have the traditional, open face. For me they are so much more attractive than their punch-faced relatives.

  2. This is so pawsome Michael. . . One of my very good furriends who lives in NYC, walks her cat in a stroller every day also — just like this man. so sweet. . . but this guy — with multiple cats — God bless him. . . those babies are so well behaved. . . I wouldn’t trust mine in an open stroller for 2 seconds!! MOL!!! ♥♥♥

  3. The most amazing thing is that the cats stay still and don’t jump out or look frightened. He has to be a bit of an exhibitionist because the whole world looks at him as he strolls by. I’d be scared of losing my cats if I did this. Jumping out or someone mugs you and steals them.

    Japan is different and in a nice way it seems. I wish the guy who made the video had filmed him more and asked some questions.

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