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Retired software developer runs an amazing cat rescue transport service — 6 Comments

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  2. He is a great man who put his money where his mouth is (an old expression that sounds weird today). I had a similar idea, but too far out there. Ever since I saw a dog that was hit by a car, flopping around in the road while two policemen just watched it, apparently waiting for animal control. All they did was park their cruiser in that lane to block any more traffic from hitting, or perhaps swerving to miss the dog. I thought that there should be an animal ambulance that responds faster than animal control, and though I don’t have a medical background, I imagined I could drive or do something. Someday it’ll happen I think. It should. Meanwhile Mr. McCarthy made his dream a reality. Good man!

    • Well said Albert. I like your idea. Nice one. I am pleased that you managed to get your avatar live and working well. Good work.

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