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RetroMAD1 for cats to be tested as treatment for coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Sun newspaper online reports that there is talk about using a rare and experimental drug for cats called RetroMAD1 on humans who have contracted the coronavirus (Covid-19) infection.

RetroMAD1. Photos: The Sun.

Retromad1 is used to treat cats who have FIV, FeLV and FIP. There are or were some good reports on it back in 2015 (click to see my page on this). I don’t know if it gained traction as a mainstream treatment for these feline diseases. It seems not because a Google search does not produce a long list of articles.

Although, Dr Ng Cher Yew, the CEO of Biovalence Technologies in Singapore said that RetroMAD1 is being used in veterinary clinics in Singapore.

FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) is in the same family as Covid-19. In other words it is classified as being a similar species of virus. I’ll assume that FeLV and FIV are too but it needs to be checked.

This idea of treating humans with a cat drug may have originated in Singapore where it has been used to treat HIV and Aids with some success. Biovalence Technologies are going to test RetroMAD1 on people as a treatment for Covid-19.

Although as this is a long term project it may well be the case that the current pandemic has fizzled out due to the extreme measures being taken by the time RetroMAD1 is approved as a treatment for humans should that happen.


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