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RetroMAD1: Possible new drug for fighting Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukaemia — 16 Comments

  1. I previously managed to obtain RetroMAD1 under certain conditions from the company itself (Biovalence). The person I contacted was Daniel at da*******@bi********.my

    The drug itself has worked very well on my FelV cat and I’m really glad to have come across this wonderful drug!

    • I also obtained RetroMAD1 by contacting Daniel Lu. I have been giving to my FIV+ cat for a week so far. He is very anemic with PCV 20%, and he will not eat. So far I haven’t seen improvement. He’s 12 years old and has only shown symptoms of FIV this year.

      I am curious about other cases of RetroMAD1 use to know what to expect and when I would see improvements.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I have the same problem with my cats.
    I’ve seen your comments here and I’m really interested to buy this drugs for my cats very URGENT. Can you tell me please from where I can buy this products??? Maybe you can send my some information like telephone number or e-mail address, please.

    Many thanks,

    I’m looking forword to hear from you asap.

    Kind regards,

    Geroge Stoia

    Mobile Number : 004 0725 784 159
    Timisoara – Romania/ Europe

    • Hi George. The drug appears to still be experimental and only available through some veterinarians. That’s the impression I get. I see you live in Romania. I’d contact a local veterinarian and ask. You may have done this already without success. You may have searched online to buy it without success. It seems not to be readily available still today. That is bad news. Good luck.

  3. Hey this is James the guy you quoted in your article above. I am still using RetroMAD1 and my cat is symptom free. According to my Vet she only had at most 10 days to live, that was a year and two months ago. So its safe to say the RetroMAD1 WORKS and it has absolutely no side effects that I can find and I have been running blood work several times a year. I am in the US and if there is a will then there is a way to get it into the country. Customs will seize the package and it was even seized by the USDA but with some information and letter writing they will release the package to you. I can’t say enough about this medicine and the guy who invented it is the most down to Earth, humble, gracious, man I have ever spoken to. He is responsible for keeping my cat alive and well.

    • Thanks a lot James for commenting and providing follow up information. It is very good of you and very useful to visitors. I am pleased that your cat is symptom free.

    • James, How do I acquire some RetroMAD1 for my FIV+ cat? I live in the US. Can you help point me in the right direction? The email address above, (ya*********@bi********.my) is no longer active.

      Any help would be appreciated.

    • James S. I am also in the USA and using RETROMAD1 with amazing results. May I ask, after the first initial treatment (one month) are you still administering the drug? So curious to know how long the cat remains symptom without the drug. Thank you and I am so happy for our fur babies!!!

      • it is going on 6 years now. I use RetroMAD1 everyday and she is still alive and well!!! She gets 2 different blood tests every 4 months and she is doing fine. No side effects from RetroMAD1 except for maybe a happy healthy cat.

    • Hi James,
      Is your FeLv cat still symptom free while on RetroMAD1? Mine is anemic so I really would appreciate it if you could let me know more about your experience, dosage, instructions about application. Thank you so much.

  4. Please does anyone know if this RetroMad1 can be gotten in the US, please let me know. I have two FIV+ cats and one Felv+ cat. Thank you

    • Dianna. Although I am not certain, I don’t think it is available in the USA yet. Also as you know it is experimental so there is no certainty it works well.

      You might like to email the people in Malaysia:

      “They are still testing the drug on other diseases and would appreciate very much if vets are interested to introduce the drug to rescuers. Interested vets can obtain the drug from their Animal Trial Officer, Ms Yanthi (03-79604942) or email ya*********@bi********.my.”

      The quote is dated Feb 2012 so the email may not work. Hope you can succeed. Good luck.

      • There is a drug that is available in the U S it’s called LTCI. I’m having my vet order it for my FIV kitty. Read up on it. There are no side effects. It’s really supposed to help them. Hope this helps ur kitties. God bles.

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