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Revealing: Declawing Vet Talks About Declawing — 2 Comments

  1. I plan to be a vet when I grow up, because it seems like an amazing experience, to go and have a job that I will love. People like this listless, repulsive vet have forgotten about what it’s like to work saving and helping animals. Whatever happened to never bringing pain to them, and only to help them? Vets like these also don’t inform their clients about this pressing issue, and are mostly supporting it for the large sums of money made off of it. He fails to tell the truth about declawing, and leaves out most of the important details on it.

    He’s telling people to remove their cats’ claws, but in reality it means AMPUTATING not only their attack methods, but a portion of the bones as well! Persuading the public to give into such cruelty in one word: Absolutely revolting!

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