Revealing: Declawing Vet Talks About Declawing

Revealing: Declawing Vet Talks About Declawing

by Michael
(London, UK)

Just below the maps, you can play an audio file to listen to a declawing vet talk about declawing. It is revealing and instructive and I would be pleased to hear your views on it. I have extracted some of the things that he says and made my comments but would appreciate the views of a wider audience. His introduction is a bit garbled but it clears up. There is a bit of echo which is due to the recording on my computer. It is clear though.

The vet’s name is Dr. Greg Stram. He works with his partner at the Elk Grove Pet Clinic at 615 South Meacham Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, 847-524-8387.

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Below is the “on-the-ground-view” directly outside the clinic.

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Dr. Stram starts off by saying, “If you’ve made the decision to declaw your cat..”. What looks wrong about that? Answer: The AVMA policy makes it clear that the vet has an obligation to provide a “complete education with regard to feline onychectomy….it should only be considered after attempts have been made to prevent the cat from using its claws destructively etc…” Dr. Stram is leaving the decision making to the cat owner and he does not educate. I’ll tell you why. He has declawed “hundreds and hundreds” of cats he says. If the code as laid down by the toothless AVMA is followed there would be almost none. A vet has a very onerous responsibility to avoid declawing and find alternatives while educating the client about the true nature of declawing. Dr. Stram in my opinion fails miserably at the first hurdle.

He continues to explain that one reason for deciding to declaw is because furniture gets scratched and a child might play too roughly with a cat and get scratched. These are his declared reasons for declawing! How about educating the client and child to play gently with the cat? How about educating the client to buy a cat scratching post etc.? Dr. Stram immediately shows up his indoctrinated and insensitive approach to animal welfare.

The vet then describes three main techniques for cat declawing. The standard technique he calls the “Resco Technique”. He says it is a “guillotine type nail trimmer” that chops “the nail off of the paw” How bad is that? He is completely misleading the public by saying the “nail” is being removed when he means the last joint of the toe. There is a vast difference. Note also the use of the phrase “nail trimmer” – highly misleading in respect of its use in this operation. He admits that “it is crude way to declaw an animal.” “It makes a good sized hole….the holes are very big..” he says! The device is not sharp enough he says. He admits that there is a “good deal of tearing and not enough of a cutting motion..” This is a horror story not a description of a medical operation! Unless you are really, really good at using the device the animal will be in a lot of pain afterwards he says. Dr Stram also admits that a piece of bone can be left behind (to cause immeasurable pain for the rest of the cat’s life). As I understand it this device has been used millions, yes millions of times to declaw cats – err no….mutilate and abuse them. That would leave many tens of thousands, at a guess, with bone shards in their paws.

Dr. Stram then describes the laser declaw. Once again he says that this device requires skill. “The leaser seals the edge of the skin by burning it…by burning the edge of the skin…it delays the healing..not as good a method as using the scalpel..” Well as gruesome as it sounds he criticises laser declawing as less good than a good old sharp knife. That puts a dampener on the claims by many vets that laser declawing is almost pain free.

He uses the scalpel to “cut the four tenny little ligaments that hold the claw on”. Once again Dr. Stam is blurring the boundary between the claw itself, the piece of anatomy that people see and the claw and bone together that form the last phalange of the toe. He calls the last phalange and the claw “the claw”. This is highly misleading and unethical.

“We do a great deal of pain management..” You need to! “We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of cats..” As mentioned if declawing was carried out ethically by a decent veterinarian who genuinely had the welfare and health of the cat in mind there would be almost no declawing. Clearly Dr. Stram is a typically unethical American veterinarian who has entirely lost his moral compass in respect of his work.

He speaks dispassionately, almost innocently about cat declawing as if there is nothing wrong with it when done at the behest and convenience of the cat owner. This shows a deeply ingrained distorted mentality.

What are your thoughts?

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Revealing: Declawing Vet Talks About Declawing

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Jan 15, 2011 Dr BIG COWARD
by: Anonymous

Maybe the scumbag disabled comments when Michael sent him the link to this page?

Jan 15, 2011 Asking the AVMA for answers
by: Ruth

This is a video on YouTube now too and guess what ?
Comments are disabled !
You can watch this man holding Roberto and squeezing out his claws to prove how ‘lethal’ they are and how declawing him will be better for the furniture and if the kids get rough !
But you can’t comment.
Surprise surprise, another declaw coward who doesn’t want anyone looking into declawing coming across it and finding out the truth !
I intend to write to the AVMA and demand answers as to why this is allowed to go on and 2 others I know are writing also.
Too late for poor Roberto of course and the other kittens being mutilated daily but they have to know the world is watching their abuse of cats.

Jan 10, 2011 Question
by: Newcomer

Can anyone please tell me why the AVMA don’t put a stop to the blatant breaking of their policy to declaw only as a last resort and why they allow veterinarians to break their sworn oath this way?

Jan 10, 2011 Callous man
by: Anonymous

I’d love to read this callous man’s explanation for making so light of this cruel and needless operation.
It’s not as if it’s some essential surgery he’s talking about,it’s the abuse of cats which is banned in so many other countries yet sold to gullible people in America.
It doesn’t save cats homes,it opens them to even more abuse in their own homes and it makes them a lot more likely to end up homeless.
For God’s sake declawing doctors
STOP IT now.

Jan 09, 2011 Link
by: Michael

I emailed this vet’s clinic and included a link to this page – watch out!

Michael Avatar

Jan 09, 2011 Cold hearted cat abuser
by: Syl

Well this doctor has shown with his talk on declawing what we knew all along.
He and his ilk are cold hearted cat abusers who think amputating cats last toe joints is something to brag about.
He particularly tries to convince everyone his method is best.I wonder is it because he isn’t conning so many people now that word is spreading about this disgusting procedure.
It sounds to me like he’s trying to sell his scalpel method as the best so as to make more dollars while he can.
Rough brats and furniture are good reasons to cripple hundreds of cats according to him,that’d be right.
But he missed out the precious family dog the poor cat would be unable to warn off with a swipe had it still its claws.
It breaks me up to think how many millions of cats must be living lives of misery and fear because of vets like this one ensuring they have their defence taken from them.

Jan 09, 2011 Sick to the stomach
by: CJ

Listening to that man extolling the virtues of his scalpel declawing made me feel sick to the stomach.
The way he talks about pain and wounds and tourniquets is incredible that he’s talking about all that which happens for totally needless surgery.
What’s more he appears to think mutilating cats is acceptable for the sake of furniture or for kids playing too rough with the cat.
The man most obviously like other declaw vets rates cats as posessions to be done with what anyone will.
It makes me shudder to think of the hundreds of cats he alone has abused and rendered helpless against more abuse they must be in danger of for life.

Jan 08, 2011 All Three Methods Are Madness
by: Kathleen

What I find a bit perplexing about this audio clip is that, generally speaking, the people bringing their cats in for a declaw do not get a choice in regard to the method used, so I wonder who he is laying out these descriptions for. Most vets, just like this one, have the particular method that they like to use, and that’s what they will use, period. The guillotine method was the first method taught in vet schools and so is still very commonly used, particularly by older practitioners. Interestingly, every other time I have read of a reference to the “Resco” method, it has been referred to as the “guillotine” method, which is at least more accurately descriptive. What the Mengele-like doctor in this audio clip fails to mention is that this is an instrument which was never designed as a surgical tool in the first place. It was designed for humanely trimming the nail ONLY, which makes it an even sicker irony that its use has been perverted to chop and crush through bone in this fashion. The blades are NOT sharp enough to begin with, and I have even seen some vets REUSE the blades rather than have the minimal consideration to replace them each time, because they are thinking first and foremost about their profit line. The vet speaking here also fails to mention that tourniquets are a necessity with this method of declawing as well as with his favored scalpel disarticulation method. (Oh, and those of you who remember your first aid training should recall that a tourniquet is in and of itself a danger to the health of the limb, and is only supposed to be used as a last resort to save the life of a hemmorage victim.) I was glad to hear the vet saying that they use “a great deal” of pain management for declaws, because yes, it is necessary. The Fentanyl patch he mentions really should not be an “option”, but should be standard protocol. This is a very strong opiate which in human medicine is typically only given to terminally ill patients. And this is recommended IN ADDITION to other pain medications given both before and after the procedure- that is, at least in SOME clinics. Others only give pain medication if the cat’s owner wants to pay extra for it. So many niggling little details that the “doctor” left out of his little tutorial here…this sanitized little talk is typical of what passes for “education” in too many veterinary hospitals.

Jan 08, 2011 Shocking
by: Rose

I found it shocking that a person who supposedly trained to be a vet because he wants to help animals can talk so blithely about pain and the causing of it by various methods of amputating cats last toe joints.
He doesn’t even give any good reason why this should happen.He only boasts about the hundreds of cats he has mutilated for the sake of furniture and rough children.
If this cold hearted individual is typical of the declaw vets of the USA then God help the cats unfortunate enough to be born in that supposedly civilised country.

Jan 08, 2011 My opinion
by: Barbara

This is my opinion of this description of the methods of declawing by a man who I could not see but hated for his smug, lazy and complacent voice and for his easy acceptance of the trauma that declawing cats causes to them. Firstly he speaks several times about removing the nail (or at one point in the description of the Resco technique “chop the nail off”) and removing the claw, in fact nowhere does he actually admit that as well as the claw he also removes the toe end. He mentions the holes left by the Resco clippers, particularly when they are not as sharp as they should be (can you believe that anyone would actually perform such a procedure with sub standard equipment?) And he mentions that if the vet isn’t really, really good at the technique then the cat will be in “ a bit of pain” and there may be bits of bone left behind!
On to the laser technique, he is the first vet I personally have come across who doesn’t think that it’s the best thing since sliced bread, again he mentions that unskilled operators can cause the cat extra injury, he very quickly gets that over with and then gets onto the one he personally likes to do. The scalpel method and he describes putting tourniquets on the unfortunate limbs about to be mutilated, and then mentions in passing the “teeny ligaments” before once again telling us the claw is removed. NO SUTURES? NO GLUE? Is this why we hear of cats haemorrhaging to death? And the cats are up and walking FAIRLY WELL next day (if they haven’t bled out I presume). He mentions pain relief for “these guys” (that to show us how human he is I suppose) at last and even mentions the Fentanyl patches applied the night before, which proves that they realise how much pain they are causing the cats as they amputate the toes and post surgery.
And he tells us he’s amputated the toe ends of “HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF CATS”
Well it’s time he and his colleagues all over the US were legally prevented from earning all those hundreds and hundreds of x number of dollars to put in their already bloated bank accounts if you ask me. How any person who by his profession implies that he at least likes animals can sit holding a kitten discussing the merits of getting rid of those “long and sharp claws” with which he might “decide” to do damage to your furniture or to a child who PLAYS TOO ROUGH is totally beyond my comprehension!
To think that this man would be prosecuted in so many other countries and yet in the US he can sit there and openly discuss different methods of abusing cats is sickening and beyond belief.

Barbara avatar

Jan 08, 2011 Words fail me
by: Ruth

I can’t write what I truly think about that vet because I don’t know enough foul words to describe him !
He stutteringly justifies his skill at declawing with a scalpel by his use of a ‘great deal of pain management’
He openly admits declawing is very painful and is done for the sake of furniture !
If a child plays a bit too roughly with a cat and may get scratched !
No thought that the declawed cat may be hurt by the rough ignorant child who should have been supervised around the cat until he/she learned to treat the animal kindly.
One thing, this vet has confirmed the fact that as well as pain the retro method causes gaping holes and the possibility the claw may grow back. Also that laser declawing is no more humane. We already knew that cats can have burned flesh by that method, now non believers can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.
What is a fact is that NO method of declawing, not even this doctor’s scalpel method is humane or justifiable.
He has caused hundreds of cats to suffer and he must know that.
So why on earth he and the others like him don’t stop this cruel uneccessary premeditated abuse of cats is the biggest question?

The only possible answer can be MONEY !!!!!!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 07, 2011 My thoughts
by: Leah (UK)

My thoughts are that I will go to bed tonight and have nightmares; this is sickening and it proves beyond all doubt that this man is no vet, he is just an evil butcher with no thoughts for animal welfare.

He fails miserably as a human being and as Vet he should be euthanised. No sorry first of all he should have his fingertips cut off with a good old sharp knife and then euthanised, but frankly thats too good for him.

As for the bit that states a child could play too roughly with a cat and get scratched well good!! the child deserves to get scratched! We cope here in the UK because the parent would teach the child the respect the cat! Basically he’s saying well we’ll butcher the cat leave him defenceless, you can have him back so that your brat can maul him to death!!

I thought I’d heard it all you know? But this is possibly the worst to date.

2 thoughts on “Revealing: Declawing Vet Talks About Declawing”

  1. I plan to be a vet when I grow up, because it seems like an amazing experience, to go and have a job that I will love. People like this listless, repulsive vet have forgotten about what it’s like to work saving and helping animals. Whatever happened to never bringing pain to them, and only to help them? Vets like these also don’t inform their clients about this pressing issue, and are mostly supporting it for the large sums of money made off of it. He fails to tell the truth about declawing, and leaves out most of the important details on it.

    He’s telling people to remove their cats’ claws, but in reality it means AMPUTATING not only their attack methods, but a portion of the bones as well! Persuading the public to give into such cruelty in one word: Absolutely revolting!


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