Reviews needed: Any bad experiences using the Seresto flea collar for cats?

The Seresto flea collar has only been on the market for a few years now. It’s manufactured by Bayer. I saw the post below on Facebook and wanted to share and ask cat owners who have used this product to give an honest review.

photo courtesy of Brianna
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Apparently, there are a lot of problems. Google “Seresto flea collar problems” and take your pick of discussions. To be fair, some people are very happy and say they haven’t seen a flea since using the collar.

Brianna, a cat owner, posted the following on her Facebook wall a few days ago


Do not use Seresto flea collars on your pets. We got them for each fur baby one week ago when we noticed Aomori had a few fleas. To be safe, we got one for all of them.

We noticed Aomori wasn’t eating like normal and throwing up…we chalked it up to stress from the move. Well, last night Aomori was restless and walking in circles, drinking a lot of water, itching like crazy. This morning she had hives all over her. We could see them through her fur!

We took her to the vet and they said it was probably just an allergic reaction. By the time she was at the vet the hives had gone down. We figured being that this weather is very different than IL, she was just not used to it.
Now tonight Hookah was throwing up and we find this on her. A CHEMICAL BURN.

The worst thing to do is google it but I freaked out!! This has happened to SO many animals. I am so thankful Hookah is not as bad as the ones we saw online. Please, please, please research everything you use for your fur babies!! We did not research very well or we wouldn’t have ever used this product!!

We washed it off of her, now we have to hope it doesn’t get infected.”

photo courtesy of Brianna

The Seresto website states

“Possible through Bayer’s unique expertise in the fields of Material Science, Crop Science and Consumer Care; Ensures controlled, “low-dose release of its two active ingredients over 8 months, giving your cat the continuous protection, she needs.

Seresto ® contains two active ingredients: imidacloprid which kills adult fleas, flea larvae and lice and flumethrin, which repels and kills adult ticks, larvae and nymphs.

Sound off in the comment section as to how well you like the Seresto collar and if you’ve had any problems.

Update: Here is a picture from Jenny (see comment below 11th Oct 2023):

Flea collar injured the cat's neck
Flea collar injured the cat’s neck. Pic: Jenny.

16 thoughts on “Reviews needed: Any bad experiences using the Seresto flea collar for cats?”

  1. Have used Seresto for a few years with no problems, until this latest collar. It has burnt my cat’s neck which is red raw and it has removed all her hair around her neck. Poor pusscat. I will email a photo to author of this blog.

  2. DO NOT USE SERESTO FLEA COLLARS. I have four cats, two of them had a reaction to this flea collar, the other two didn’t seem to have one. DO NOT TAKE THE CHANCE. One of my cats has had the collar on for just over one month. Today I came home to her in the corner, drooling, with chemical burns inside of her mouth. I am FURIOUS. Please don’t use seresto flea collars. We are both in distress. I don’t know if shes going to be okay. My other cat, as soon as we had the flea collar on him, he had chemical burning around his neck, so took it off. I don’t have pictures of him with the chemical burns unfortunately.

  3. I have 2 cats and had a massive problem with fleas tried everything! Dont like the idea of collars but eventually i got the seresto flea collar. And it seemed to work straight away Miracle! Was really happy until I notice one of my cats kept trying to lock at it. Amd found red raw sores around her neck. Heart breaking 💔. The other cat seems fine.

  4. After a few days of wearing the collar noticed cat was scratching her neck more than ever. Today noticed a flash of pink as she turned her head so I took it off – the fur is missing and skin is raw underneath. This is unbelievable. Wish I’d seen all these complaints before buying the Seresto collar!


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