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Revocation of Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license may take up to three years, if at all — 19 Comments

  1. I apologize 4 the typos. It’s after 4am here but bi was so angry and updates couldn’t fall asleep but rather than starting a petition I’ve started an email campaign with Al my friend’s and have asked them 2 sign the petition and inform threirbfriends. I am calling an Eye Witness reporter 2morrow. This monster has 2 b stopped now! This is how serial killers are born

  2. This woman is deranged sociopath. Stop hiding behind politics. Anyone at another hospital that gives her a job should be shot and since you’re all armed 2 the teeth bin Texas that should be visiting easy. The entire nation is watching you. Convene an emergency meeting of the Board and revoke her license

  3. Stop hiding behind politics. This monster is a vet with access 2 numerous pets she can torture, mutilate, or kill. She’s obviously a sociopath. She needs 2 be disbarred immediately and every animal in Texas has 2 refuse 2 hire her so the job of the Texas Veterinary Board doesn’t take 5 yrs 2 do their job.

    • There is no way 2 know how many animals this deranged sadistic monster has tortured or killed. This is how serial killers are born. Under normal circumstances a longer timeline might be reason or acceptable. Under these circumstances there has 2 be an immediate convening of the Texas veterinary board and an immediate revocation of her license 2 prevent her from committing additional acts of murder and torture. This monster is seriously drannged. If other animal hospitals refuse 2 hire her the results will be the same. I know Texas fancies itself the biggest baddest state in the US, but there are millions of furious cat owners in the country. Do u really want or need 2 have that shit store come down on you. Convene at special meeting of the board and revoke her license. This has not only gone viral, it’s about 2 go 2 the media

  4. Because someone is a vet doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. My new motto is: “NO MORE Groomers, NO MORE Vets, NO MORE vaccinations for my pets!” I would only take her to a vet if I couldn’t fix her health issue. I clip her nails now, instead of taking her to the groomer. I also de-shed her myself. She’s not getting anymore yearly vaccines either!

      • I should have known better. After all, Tiger was “just a cat.” Never mind that Kristen skank will most likely make her living (mis)treating animals in some clinic somewhere, and cruelty to animals is one of the telltale signs of a psycho or a sociopath. What a country we live in.

    • the AVMA. There is no love lost there. But it’s important to know that the organization is first and foremost advocates of the veterinary profession as a a whole. The public out cry against Dr Lindsey would be considered cyber bullying in normal circumstances. I had a few encounter with them both, the AVMA and at the state level TVMA.
      Here in Texas, the Vice President of the Texas Vet board was the former president of the TVMA. So the Vice President of the organization that represents the rights of the the pet owner was a former president of the organization the lobbied and advocated for the veterinary profession.
      It’s important to know, the AVMA has no disciplinary authority.

  5. The time tables for your standard cases are pretty close to that sheet. My case was submitted on June 2 2014 and didn’t obtain the review until February 2015. High profile case last year have been known to be expedited like in the case with Dr. Tierce, The Vampire Vet. In April 2013′ He was caught keeping pets alive after telling owners they were going to be euthanized, then kept them alive for experimentation and blood harvesting. In May in an emergency Board meeting, they temporarily suspended his license. In Oct 2013 the Board then suspended it for 5 years. Many thought he would have it permanently revoked, but it was later revealed that unlike a revoked license, with a suspended license, he can still own and operate his practice and receive revenue. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2813416/Vampire-vet-secretly-kept-family-s-dog-alive-instead-putting-use-blood-transfusions-indicted-three-counts.html

  6. About a week after Tiger was killed everyone was saying there was an emergency meeting. I’m being very careful with this case because it’s full of rumors, as well as money hungry people trying to make a few dollars off of Tiger’s death. I belong to an administration page when I get fed news first hand.

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