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Reward offered for Shoreline, Washington cat beaten and stomped to death — 14 Comments

  1. Please don’t say this cat was tortured for 15 minutes!! The likelihood of that is slim. I’m sure Q died an horrific death at the hands of a monster, who needs to be removed from good society.

    “The cat’s body was eventually given to the owner who said she would take it to her vet for an examination. At this point, there is no evidence that the cat was tortured prior to being killed.”


    • That was stated on the poster I used as lead photo. The police also say there isn’t a cat serial killer.

      A preliminary autopsy report saying Quixote’s head was repeated crushed, every major bone broken and he was alive after the brutal beating for some time.

      So who do we believe? The police or the person who performed the necropsy?

      • Yes, I saw the “some time”. It’s a relative term. Since the neighbors only heard what sounded like “falling branches” and not the screams and struggles of an animal being tortured.
        I will wait to hear a final report. I left a quote in my previous comment. I will go by it, rather than the sensationalized version. It was an horrific death in any case as I stated. The cat would have gone into shock quickly…. thank goodness for that.

  2. Thank you everyone for helping us spread the word to Shoreline residents. We need your help sharing this horrific story. I know it’s hard to accept, but someone is seriously sick and extremely angry and cruel. This person has not been caught. Donations help but it’s much more important to get the word out. We have already raised enough money to pay for the DNA tests and security system. There is a combined Reward of $21,000 for the arrest and conviction of the killer of precious Quixote. I believe this person will be caught.

  3. Catch SOB….!!! Do the same that he did to Quixote….!!! Justice for Quixote….! Monster ABUSER COWARD…YOU SHOW YOUR WEAKNESS IN THAT LOW WAY…!!!

  4. I am so sorry for Quixote, a precious soul, to have died in this brutal manner. I pray that the subhuman who committed this act of insane cruelty will be caught. I wish that we could ammend the laws to punish animal abusers on the same level that is used for human lives. Animals are all innocent. They deserve respect to the utmost degree.

  5. I’d first check to see if that shelter is struggling for funds. It wouldn’t be the first time some staff-member or owner of a struggling shelter or rescue group mutilated a cat and then paraded them in the media for donations. 1 mutilated cat can bring in over $63,000.00 of free money to use in any manner they wish. As you well know.

  6. I live in Shoreline, and I swear, I have a gun, and I would use it on this Bastard of Bitch who killed this poor defenseless Animal. I don’t allow my cats out of the house, but I do have an outside cat who is not feral, but she is an outdoor cat. These people who kill animals start with them, and move on to Humans! We need to find this piece of shit NOW!

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