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Rex Kitten from Sphynx Breeding? — 11 Comments

  1. Our cat is a mix of Sphynx and Devon Rex (Maternal grandmother). We mated her with a Sphynx, but her six kittens were all born with fur, not one hairless among them. Is this common?

    • The nearly hairless coat of the Sphynx breed is recessive to normal coat, and the curly coat of the Devon Rex breed is recessive to the hairless Sphynx coat. It is about recessive and dominant genes. The hairless gene is recessive and does not show. That’s my assessment but I am not a cat genetics wizard.

  2. We have one too, but backwards.
    Her papers say she is Cornish Rex but she only has hair on her paws and face. Where she does have fur there are little Rex curls.

  3. This seems to be variability of the gene that causes Sphynx hairlessness; the coat can vary naturally from hairless through to a light fuzz. The gene is very closely related to Devon Rex and sometimes the various other genes in the mix that affect fur get expressed to some degree.

    Normally to perpetuate a new mutation, you backcross the cat to its opposite sex parent. Some of the offspring should display the mutation. That also saves introducing unknowns into the genetic mix.

  4. Hi Karen,
    I have a little mutation just like yours! My kitten was born to a sphynx mother and a sphynx father and has a coat of short, curly hair. She is wonderful and special and I’ve been wondering how to preserve her unique traits of a sphynx personality with a velveteen coat of non-shedding hair. She is four months old and I am considering breeding her, but have no idea what a good match would be. Michael, do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Regina. Sweet cat and nice photograph. I don’t really have a suggestion from the top of my head. I’ll see if I can get a colleague to comment. Thanks for sharing.

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