Right wing website “Conservative Reason” supported Kristen Lindsey the cat killing vet

It was a website called Conservative Reason which started the GoFundMe fund raising campaign with the intention of raising money for Kristen Lindsey the now notorious cat-killing vet.

As it happens the campaign was deleted by the GoFundMe website as it was in breach of their rules – a violation of their terms and conditions:

“which include prohibitions against “Campaigns in defense of formal charges of heinous crimes, including violent, hateful, or sexual acts”

Great, GoFundMe consider her cat killing a heinous crime. The Conservative Reason website makes a startling statement:

“Although Dr. Lindsey is an avid hunter and Christian, we’re not going to claim that this is an “attack on hunters” or an “attack on Christians.”

They admit that deleting the crowd funding campaign is not an attack on Christians. What concerns me is that the editor of Conservative Reason is almost certainly a Christian and that Lindsey is both a hunter and a Christian. How can a Christian defend such a nasty act of cat cruelty? A misguided attitude.

Are these two personal characteristics meant to go together: Christian and sport hunter? Aren’t Christians meant to be kind, caring individuals who respect all living creatures? Aren’t Christians meant to set high standards of integrity and morality? Apparently not.

Christians are no better and no worse than the rest of us, which makes me question the reason for being a Christian.

One person who left  a comment on the Conservative Reason website says that Christians have the right to harvest animals. I disagree with that of course but it is irrelevant in this instance quite clearly.

The photo shows Kristen Lindsey and her mother. Her mother condones what her daughter did. There is a petition to remove her as county treasurer. They are both Republicans, apparently. I suppose that is obvious to Americans.

Source: GoFundMe deletes our “Help Kristen Lindsey” campaign | Conservative Reason

25 thoughts on “Right wing website “Conservative Reason” supported Kristen Lindsey the cat killing vet”

  1. It’s absurd to politicize this as I am a moderate by “normal” standards (which means I’m a conservative by “liberal” standards) & know plenty of people from both sides of the political division line who would like to see this murderous monster not only be sanctioned in Texas but have her veterinary license revoked by Colorado State University. While our country is divided politically, there is polarization when it comes to the love of animals. As “Dawn” pointed out; the “bird conservationists” are notorious cat haters & think any cat that is outdoors is fair game to be poisoned, shot or murdered by any means as their false belief of the shrinking bird population has anything to do with cats. Killing cats, esp. in the horrendous & painful fashion she so proudly showed off, is ILLEGAL, but there are too many people who don’t like cats & even have bizarre beliefs about them, so it’s not garnering the negative attention that it should. However, if she had done this to a dog, be it a lost or wandering pet, stray or “wild”; this country would have imploded as there are more folks out there who are more compassionate & concerned about canines than they are towards their fellow humans. Kristen Lindsey needs to face the legal & social ramifications of her choice to harm a neighbor’s pet & I sincerely hope she is never allowed to work with, nor own another animal for as long as she lives.

  2. I’m a conservative and know MANY others who would like to see this so called vet shot and boiled. I think the BIRD conservation people started the petition to save her. They always vote against the cats.

  3. She killed a cat with an arrow and bragged about it! If she calls herself a Christian she’s a damn poor example of one. She’s trash, pure trash to be able to do such a cruel and heartless thing.


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