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Right wing website “Conservative Reason” supported Kristen Lindsey the cat killing vet — 25 Comments

  1. It’s absurd to politicize this as I am a moderate by “normal” standards (which means I’m a conservative by “liberal” standards) & know plenty of people from both sides of the political division line who would like to see this murderous monster not only be sanctioned in Texas but have her veterinary license revoked by Colorado State University. While our country is divided politically, there is polarization when it comes to the love of animals. As “Dawn” pointed out; the “bird conservationists” are notorious cat haters & think any cat that is outdoors is fair game to be poisoned, shot or murdered by any means as their false belief of the shrinking bird population has anything to do with cats. Killing cats, esp. in the horrendous & painful fashion she so proudly showed off, is ILLEGAL, but there are too many people who don’t like cats & even have bizarre beliefs about them, so it’s not garnering the negative attention that it should. However, if she had done this to a dog, be it a lost or wandering pet, stray or “wild”; this country would have imploded as there are more folks out there who are more compassionate & concerned about canines than they are towards their fellow humans. Kristen Lindsey needs to face the legal & social ramifications of her choice to harm a neighbor’s pet & I sincerely hope she is never allowed to work with, nor own another animal for as long as she lives.

  2. I’m a conservative and know MANY others who would like to see this so called vet shot and boiled. I think the BIRD conservation people started the petition to save her. They always vote against the cats.

  3. She killed a cat with an arrow and bragged about it! If she calls herself a Christian she’s a damn poor example of one. She’s trash, pure trash to be able to do such a cruel and heartless thing.

  4. There are some humans in this world who just need to be eradicated for the better good.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone assassinated this wench.

  5. This is an insult to Christians, Hunters and Republicans alike. Not all people in any of these groups belong in the cat-killing/animal torturing group that people like Kristen seem to be members of. The Bible does not speak against harvesting animals, but killing for pleasure is a definite NO-NO!!!

  6. I am Christian. I have and continue to spend my life and every spare dime I have on rescuing needy cats. I house many cats with health issues that can never be adopted. My vet bills are through the roof. Kristen Lindsey may claim she is Christian and so can her mother but they do not walk the walk. Christians do not enjoy inflicting pain on others. Animal or human. Christians obey the law of any country they live in. Being Christian does not give us a free pass to break the law. There are many verses in the Bible that express kindness to animals. I have supported Tiger’s caregivers from day one and will continue…. as a Christian.

    • Thanks Rachel. I like your comment. I can tell that is is written by a decent woman and a Christian. For me decency and Christianity should go hand in hand. I’d bet my bottom dollar though that there are a lot of Christian sport hunters in America and I just can’t reconcile the one with the other.

      • I can’t even justify calling hunting a “sport’. A 130 lb woman with a bow & arrow trying to kill a 7-10 lb unarmed cat. Its actually more of a sport for a guy to punch that Vet square in the face since that’s considered “boxing” and when she falls to the floor kick her in the face, thats called “mixed martial arts” with Japanese rules. Id rather watch the latter 2 sports anyday.

  7. I am a Christian in the sense that I claim Christ Jesus as my risen Savior. It is not for me to judge if Ms. Lindsey is a Christian or not. Or how she represents her faith. However, as a follower of Christ and his teachings, I do NOT believe that cruelty to animals is favorable in the sight of God. The bottom line is that Ms. Lindsey broke the law! This law was written and passed and placed in the Texas Penal Code for a reason, and it should be upheld as the evidence permits. It breaks my heart that people will bend and stretch the “rules of their faith” to suit their needs. I have no problem with hunting or hunters. There is a place for that in our world. But this act was neither to feed her family, nor to control population as this animal was a pet and neutered. It makes me sad that an organization such as “Conservative Reason” would support this heinous act in the name of hunting and the christian faith. They do not speak for all Christians nor all hunters!

    • Thanks for sharing Teresa. I have strong views on sport hunting. I don’t see a place for it in the world. There is no need for it in America. People don’t need to hunt animals to eat in the US. There is a strong argument that humans are herbivores. We should be eating plants 😉 . Not shooting animals for the pleasure of it.

      • My fav quote is (Ye were not born eating meat but taught and now it is ye personal choice to refrain or consume!

    • I am not a hunter. Some will argue that hunting in the USA is for population control (ie: deer, feral hogs etc..) and I can understand that point. HOWEVER, culling a herd and utilizing the meat is one thing, but taking pleasure and making sport of taking a life, ANY life is incomprehensible to me! And Kristen Lindsey’s act of killing Tiger is just a sick, horrendous, example of that and a travesty of the law against such acts!

  8. Another reason to chalk down why I denounced my catholic faith to become a Wiccan which in our spiritual way we do not HARM NONE!

      • Michael,some Wiccans feel such as myself a deep connection with nature that they refuse to consume animal products. Many Wiccans are vegetarian or vegan however there is no consensus among the Wiccan community and the requirement of abstaining from consuming meat is by no means universal. Virtually all Wiccans are, however, against cruelty to animals or needless destruction of a natural space, due in no small part to Wiccan beliefs.

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