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Kizzy, a beautiful Persian, was born with an overshot jaw and a heart murmur. It didn't affect his health at all but when he was 6 weeks old his breeder took him to the vets to be PTS because he was no good for showing or for breeding from.

Our friend/now neighbour too, happened to be at the vets at the same time and persuaded the breeder to let her take Kizzy home with her as a pet.

He was her very first cat.

In his lifetime Kizzy travelled with her and the rest of her feline family she acquired after him, from Cornwall to Cumbria to County Durham, where they settled in a house with a garden.

We built an outside run with access from the patio doors, as eventually Kizzy had 14 adopted sisters and brothers, all rescue cats with their own sad story and the house was overflowing.

All the cats love the run but Kizzy had special privileges too, sometimes he just loved to sit in the garden outside the run. When he wasn't sitting on one of our laps that is, as he was a very friendly loving cat.

Kizzy started slowing down and showing his age a few months back and a few days ago decided he'd had enough of life. He wasn't ill, he wasn't in pain or distress, he was just old and weary of life.

He died yesterday in his 'mothers' arms and we, his 'aunties' were there with them. Every single one of the other 14 cats had visited him to pay their respects so we knew his going was imminent.

Babz and I have taken care of those cats many times and we loved Kizzy very much. He died peacefully and it was a huge relief to us all that we wouldn't need to make the decision as to when to call out a vet.

Kizzy was 16 last month, a good age for a Persian, especially one with a heart murmur. R.I.P Kizzy, we will never forget you.

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You can light a candle for Kizzy or for any other cat by following the link about half way down our Claws Connection page.

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Mar 24, 2011 To low life anonymous
by: Ruth

Anonymous you are very low life to make a comment like that.
And Kizzy was NOT an IT, he was a HE !
Would you target all genetically flawed beings including yourself, as I have to agree with an earlier post that it's a pity you weren't targeted because you are obviously very genetically mentally flawed.

Mar 24, 2011 Kizzy had 16 happy years
by: Anonymous

Ah but Kizzy had 16 happy fulfilled years of life because the lady who rescued him values all forms of life!
You can say what you like but you can't take that away from him now!
I'm afraid anonymous (two can play your game) that you are genetically flawed yourself because of your sick mind.
What a pity someone didn't target you.

Mar 24, 2011 To Anonymous
by: Barbara

Oh well?? What the hell do you mean by that? Do you think because Kizzy was imperfect in the eyes of cat breeders and showers that he didn't deserve to live? He wasn't genetically flawed, he was a beautiful loving cat who lived 16 happy years and he brought much pleasure, joy and comfort to his human mother and to his many human and feline friends. To be so snide about the death of a much loved little cat is horrendous.Shame on you.

RIP Kizzy, much loved and still sadly missed.

Barbara avatar

Mar 24, 2011 Oh well
by: Anonymous

If it wasn't good for showing or breeding then it's probably for the best. Over shot jaw and heart murmur? Your geneitically flawed cat was an easy target for a little something that I like to call "Natural Selection"

Aug 30, 2010 so sorry
by: kathy

I know my comment is a little late. Ive been spending all my free time with my cats at home. I dont have a computer so its hard for me to read and comment on all the pages. You will never forget Kizzy and I will never forget any of my cats. Even the ones I dont know what happened to them.

Jul 01, 2010 Sweet Dreams Kizzy
by: Merrily

What a wonderful story, that Kizzy was saved to go on to live a wonderful life. Most cats with a heart murmur don't live long lives. Kizzy was lucky indeed.
It seems that for every owner who is willing to toss a cat away like yesterdays trash, there is someone who will love and cherish that same cat.Thank You friends....
for giving Kizzy a safe and loving home.

Jun 26, 2010 Kizzy
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Kizzy enjoyed a full life and was loved. Cats like him never really leave us. They are forever in the hearts of those who knew them.

Jun 24, 2010 In loving memory of Kizzy
by: Maggie Sharp

My love goes out to Kizzy and his family, that of 2 legs and 4. Rest in peace little Kiz, you lived a long happy life, and your memory will live on in the hearts of your Mum, Aunties and feline family forever.

Jun 23, 2010 R.I.P. Kizzy
by: Tracey (England)

To Kizzy who had a lovely life. You were loved and treasured by your aunties, friends, felines and most of all your mam.

God bless you darling.

Jun 23, 2010 Heaven has a new angel
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to Kizzy's mum and his family.
I'm sure he'll be deeply missed for a long time to come.

Jun 23, 2010 Kizzy.
by: Pam Marshall

What a sad day for us.
Sort of feel i knew Kizzy as I know so much about him. He was rescued just in time,which seemed like fate,had a good long life and was loved so much. A very beautiful, well loved, happy cat, and i feel sure Kizzy's spirit will always live with all his cat family, and his "Mum," and "Aunties" too... XXX

Jun 23, 2010 RIP Kizzy
by: Barbara

Goodnight and God bless to a very special boy who will be sadly missed for a long, long time. Love from Aunty Babz xx

Barbara avatar

Jun 23, 2010 Thanks
by: Michael

Ruth, thanks for sharing this. Kizzy had a good life it seems. You can't hope for more. I have lit a candle.

Michael Avatar

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