Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) And Domestic Cats

He is Dobby Cat. His owner was seeking £3,000 through crowd funding to pay for vet treatment. She raised £135.
He is Dobby Cat. His owner was seeking £3,000 through crowd funding to pay for vet treatment. She raised £135.
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In a UK study, factors which may predispose cats to road traffic accidents were assessed. Over 100 cats that had been in a road traffic accident were compared with a control population of 794 cats that had never been in an RTA.

Cats involved in RTAs tended to be younger, male and non-pedigree. 46% of the cats were aged between seven and 24 months. 62% of the cats were male, both neutered and entire. 97% of the cats were non-pedigree.

There was a 16% decrease in the odds of being involved in a road traffic accident for every one year increase in age.

The odds of a male cat, either neutered or not neutered, being involved in a road traffic accident were 1.9 times the odds of those of a female (entire and neutered). The odds of a pedigree cat being involved in RTA were 0.29 those for non-pedigree cats.

More road traffic accidents regarding cats occurred at night rather than in daytime. And, predictably, proportionally more of the RTAs occurred in areas where there were high levels of traffic.

The conclusion, therefore, is that if a cat owner wishes to allow their cat go outside in an area where there is the possibility of an RTA taking place then they would be advised to consider adopting an older, spayed female, possibly a pedigree breed and to keep her inside at night and if possible, ideally, not to live in an area where there are high levels of traffic.

Note: the study took place in Cambridgeshire, UK. The lead researcher was Rochlitz. The year: 2003.

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  1. Being a cat care-giver-for-life, I may never be out of debt, so I know how it feels to be there and feeling helpless, too. If I can send something, maybe others can too, I hope.

  2. I think it follows that the cats that got injured or killed via traffic incidents are (in life cycle) like teenage humans (biggest risk-taking, excitement-seeking, out of control pains in the ***es) on the planet. Right?


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