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Robert Neunzig DVM has declawed 2000 cats and he is proud of it — 11 Comments

  1. That is an excellent article, really punchy, you have more compassion in your toe nails than this rotting bag of faeces in human form with a paid up membership of Cruelty Incorporated aka the AVMA has, in his entire ugly, nasty body.

    I need mind bleach now. I can look away. If only the agonies of those 2000 poor,poor cats that he butchered could be stopped as simp!y as looking away.


  2. No offense, but he looks like that Nazi doctor who experimented on children. God help the poor cats who cross his path. And SHAME on their selfish and foolish owners.

  3. Has this guy every heard of a scratching post? None of my cats have ever scratched the furniture! Maybe he needs his 10 fingers and toes cut off at the first knuckle!

    • Mine came scratching post trained – many thanks to fosters of the rescue. Both kittens went straight to the kitty tree and cardboard scratching pads, weren’t interested in anything else. Really, if a scratching post is good and sturdy, the cats will go for it. One time I saw a woman buying a very flimsy small scratching post. Why would any cat go for something like this when there is a good sturdy sofa available? A lot of people don’t understand that scratching post needs to be sturdy.

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