Robin and Bobbie: Beautiful Random Bred Cats

Robin looks like a purebred mix. Howard, the person who cares for these fine looking cats, asked if Robin was a Turkish Angora mix. You can’t tell except to say that he is a very attractive cat that, for me, looks more like a Norwegian Forest Cat mix because of the shape of his head and muzzle (rather pointed).

I don’t think it really matters. I like to show off some great looking random bred cats on PoC with, hopefully, some words from the human guardian/caretaker. Personal experiences with the domestic cat are interesting.


Rogin a longhaired purebred mix cat
Robin a longhaired purebred mix cat. Photos by Howard.
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This is what Howard says about Robin:

Robin is a 5-year-old neutered male mixed breed cat. My wife and I wonder if he might be partly Turkish Angora. We adopted Robin as a kitten from a farm, where somebody from the nearby town had dropped him and his solid blue brother Carl off. Robin and Carl looked and acted totally unlike any of the cats already living on the farm.

All the descriptions of Turkish Angora breed personality and behaviors that I have read fit Robin *precisely*. He is highly intelligent, unusually gentle, even-tempered, good-natured, talkative, stubborn, and fond of high places. Robin will also deliberately knock things off of tables and shelves if he feels he’s being ignored. He actually seems to understand that he’s not the boss of the house, so he asks rather than demands. He also has the belief that, in addition to us sharing food with him when we eat, he has an obligation to invite us to join him at his food dish whenever he eats! And fortunately, he has learned to listen as well as watch for cars when he crosses the residential street where we live, as he loves to be outdoors and will drive us crazy if we try to keep him inside all the time. It is breathtaking to watch Robin gracefully running at full speed across an open field!

Robin is a beautiful cat and I can imagine what it is like to see him running across a field. Although, I’d be slightly anxious.


Bobbie a long haired tabby cat
Bobbie a long haired tabby cat. Photos by Howard.

And Bobbie:

When we adopted Robin from the farm (midwestern USA) where he was dropped off as a kitten, we also adopted one of the kittens who was actually born on the farm. Her name is Bobbie. Surprisingly, although a kitten himself, Robin immediately assumed responsibility for her and actually helped us raise her! Both cats are 9 pounds, but you can see the sharp contrast in appearance between the two of them. I’m just amazed at how long Bobbie’s whiskers are! Even though Bobbie is a moggie farm cat, still she has character. As a thoroughly self-centered prima donna, as long as you do exactly what Bobbie wants, she’s thoroughly happy and loudly purrs her approval.

I think they are both beautiful non-purebred cats. I’d like to thank Howard for contacting me and asking about Robin and allowing me to show off his cats on my website.

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12 thoughts on “Robin and Bobbie: Beautiful Random Bred Cats”

  1. Both are beautiful cats! Bobbie does seem to have a lot of maine Coon characteristics especially the muzzle and huge paws! I particularly love the fact that you totally understand your cats; what they need to be happy and their personalities.

  2. Yes, Michael, it is not without hesitation that my wife and I permit Robin to roam outdoors. But he is totally unhappy unless permitted to do so, and by now he seems to have mastered what he needs to know in order to stay safe in the outside world. In any case, we only permit him to be outdoors between the hours of 7am and 9pm, so primarily during the hours of daylight. He always spends the overnight hours indoors. And as a black cat, despite his vigorous protests Robin is unconditionally kept indoors in the days surrounding Halloween.

    1. I completely understand your thinking. I think the same way. I can tell you have given this a lot of consideration. Robin has it in bones to be out, to be free.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Robin and Bobbie are both gorgeous cats and I admire that you allow Robin his freedom, some cats are vey unhappy if kept indoors, your words ‘gracefully running at full speed across an open field’ are beautiful, I can just imagine him loving doing that!
      I know our Walter and Jozef if denied their freedom would just pace from door to door to window and if eventually defeated would give up and pine for outside. We couldn’t do it to them, nor to any of our cats over the 39 years we’ve had them in our lives and lost none to any danger outdoors.
      I feel so sorry for cats kept prisoners, it’s not a cat’s life, safe maybe, although accidents can happen indoors too!
      But a long life of boredom isn’t a quality life.
      Like you we keep ours in from dark and when no one is home, cats are very clever, they soon learn the routine and how to stay safe.

  3. Bobbie has the Maine Coon muzzle. They both are gorgeous looking cats overflowing with character and presence. They must be a pleasure to spend time with.

    I really love when people show and tell their cats. We all know how unique and different cats are yet its nice to share in the similarities too. It’s just great to ‘meet’ new cats and caretakers. I’ll eventually do this with Red and maybe my others too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You have a couple of fine looking cats. The are both the sort of cat you stop for and look at a bit longer than normal.

    That said, for me all cats are equal and equally beautiful. It is a perfect democracy in my cat world!

    Bobbie’s whiskers are enormous. He should have extra powers to feel his way through the dark. He has a very handsome, strong face that is quite Maine Coon-like.

    I think you have a Maine Coon mix and Norwegian Forest Cat mix..but who knows? Maine Coons are the original American barn cat.

    1. Well put Michael. As you say, they are beauties. I had a good vision of Robin running across the field in slow motion with waves of fur floating in the wind. I love stories like this of rescue, nurturing and acceptance of a cat just being a cat.

      They do demand, don’t they.

      Bobbie is gorgeous too. I love that smiley smirk on her face. And those touches of color on her fur. Her green eyes are mesmerizing. I think she looks Main Coon-ish too.

      1. I can see Robin with hair flowing running fast. A beautiful free spirit. And I’d be frightened for him because the world seems very dangerous for beautiful creatures. I guess I’ve seen too much harm.

    2. After doing a bit of additional reading, I am inclined to agree that Bobbie may have Maine Coon in her ancestry. Unlike Robin, Bobbie has a double-layered coat of fur, and considerable fur between her toes. She has a tiny (almost inaudible) voice which she seldom uses anyway, she loves to squeeze into absurdly small boxes to take naps, and she finds running water quite irresistable (both to drink and to watch).

      1. For Bobbie does have that distinct square MC muzzle. If there is one distinct feature of the Maine Coon it is the square muzzle and the breed standard refers to it. She has a strong face too. Anyway, lovely cat. You’ve got two attractive cats. My cat has a handsome face but it sort of stops there ๐Ÿ˜‰ And he is noisy, like a Siamese cat.

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