Rockets Tied to Cat

This is one of the saddest stories I’ve heard in a while about a cat being killed by mindless cruelty. It is the fireworks season in the UK. There’s Bonfire Night and Halloween and the Indian community celebrate Diwali. You expect frightened cats but not this sort of disgusting cruelty towards animals by sick psychopaths. But it has happened and the British should be ashamed of themselves.

It happened in Derby which for Americans is in the north of England. The cat’s owner is Sam Copeland-Whelan. She is naturally devastated and heartbroken. Her brother found her cat still alive nearby at around noon yesterday, November 4th.

Sam Copeland-Whelan - owner cat killed by fireworks

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Sam has six cats and I have to presume that all of them are outside cats. Her brother phoned her to say that he had found one of her cats. He had called an emergency vet. When the vet arrived at the scene of the crime the cat was still alive but died shortly thereafter. Sam Copeland-Whelan said (if you don’t want to read this then please skip this section because it is a graphic description):

“It had two firework rockets attached to it. All of its fur was no longer on it and one of its legs had been ripped off. The fireworks had gone off. It looked appalling and by the time the emergency vet came to the scene it had sadly died. It did well to survive so long. It’s so sad and tragic. My brother believes the cat was pinned down and then had the rockets attached to its body. I’m gutted. I have six cats myself and they are my babies. How a so-called human can do this to a cat is absolutely beyond me. It’s vile. I’m now keeping all my cats inside until bonfire night blows over. I’m not taking the risk and I would urge all other cat owners to do the same thing….”

The police are appealing for witnesses but as usual I have to be pessimistic at the prospect of them finding the perpetrator(s). There will be the usual arguments about whether it is sensible to let your cats wonder outside at any time never mind during the fireworks season. Without wishing to be overly critical and without wishing to upset anybody one has to lay some blame at the feet of the cat’s owner. And she calls her cats ‘it’. For me that is not a good sign of a good cat/human relationship.

That said it is depressing to know that in Britain there are mindless idiots who take pleasure in torturing a cat in this way. I can almost visualise who did it: the usual suspects. They will be a couple of young men perhaps teenagers who think it is fun to treat cats in this way. They have a complete disregard for the consequences of what they are doing. They have a complete disregard for the fact that they are playing around with a sentiment being who feels pain and who has emotions. It is psychopathic behaviour but yet there are many people like this. It is soul destroying and deeply upsetting.


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  1. From all of the horror stories that I’ve seen lately, I’ve come to one conclusion: People in the UK are far too blasé about cat ownership. There is so much sickening cat torture and murder over there in that barbaric country, yet they still are stupidly allowing their cats to be left outside. The owners are stupid. YOU’RE ALL STUPID!!!! The deaths of their cats is on them along with the psychopaths who killed and the authorities who don’t give a damn. Has no one over there realized that once killers are done killing animals that they move on to people???? The authorities aren’t taking this serious and they should. I hope that karma will catch up with the murderers soon since the police aren’t.

    As for calling her cat, which had a gender, an it, it’s possible that it’s a regional thing. My Aussie friend told me “Victoria have off for the race.” I thought that she meant a person, but she meant everyone in the state of Victoria was going to have the day off. I’d have gotten it faster if she would’ve said that “everyone in Victoria have the day off.” ☺️

    • I reluctantly have to agree with your assessment. There are too many people who want to hurt cats in Britain and it is easy to find a cat to hurt because almost every cat owner lets their cat go outside to wander freely. And I believe that the world is getting more violent and there is more pressure on teenagers in a more competitive world. This can lead some teenagers to become aggressive and violent and they can end up taking out that aggression on a wandering domestic cat because they are conveniently there. Often domestic cats go up to strangers as well which makes it very easy to steal them or hurt them.

    • It’s unpopular to point out the obvious. Your pet as much less chance of being tortured and killed if it’s in your home or out in a well supervised enclosure.
      I too believe it’s time to be more socially aggressive when a pet owner whines their loose free roaming pet was killed, poisoned, tortured, run over by a car or possibly stolen. It in no way excuses those that harm animals for their sick fun.
      The man in question should have a bottle rocket tied to each testicle and lit. A rather brutal form of sterilization that ensures he doesn’t pass along his defective genes.
      Believe it or not the whole world does not love animals and not everyone loves stray animals or wants them on their property just because it legally OK to let them roam.
      A whacko as pictured above feels nothing for your furbaby and doesn’t care if it suffers a horrible lingering beyond painful death so it’s last moments on earth are not with their owners helping them cross but snuffed out in horror.
      You have to be a bit of a moron to be letting your pet roam and then sob for pity when the worst happens.

  2. They will stand before God one day. They must account for these, whom God declared good when He created them. Meanwhile, we need to hunt these monsters down. And dealt with.


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