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Rocky Needs Saving. Please Spread The Word. — 20 Comments

  1. Shared this boy on my FB page yesterday and again today , earlier . Story sounds so hookie ! But you just never know . Hope he gets out and should be out by now!!!Shelters usually post “unknown” for sex when they are really busy or the animals is so matted or “feisty” they can’t be handled . Of course I’ve seen them when it was VERY obvious what sex they were and still listed as unknown!

  2. Whoa! That is very heavy-handed to put the cat in a kill shelter because he hissed. It shows a great deal of ignorance and a terrible lack of empathy. I mean that not just toward the cat but also toward the friend. It just about sounds too horrible to believe somebody would actually do this to a deployed soldier. I hold out some hope that this story isn’t true.

  3. Rocky doesn’t need to be adopted– just kept safe until his human gets back from deployment. How is that soldier going to feel when he comes back from his tour of duty and finds out his precious cat has been killed? That’s going to be tough to get over. My dad is still upset that Grandma gave away his baseball cards and some other stuff from his room while he was in basic training after being drafted into the army. Rocky is a living being, not just some stuff that was thrown out. I just don’t see his human companion being able to deal well with Rocky being put to death. This cannot be allowed to happen, not just for Rocky’s sake. Soldiers come back with PTSD, they have trouble reintegrating into society, often have trouble finding jobs. The jerk who was caring for this cat has just added the death of a treasured feline companion onto everything else that soldier will have to deal with when he comes home. Rocky could have helped the soldier return to normal life. He can’t do that if he’s dead. Out of respect for our vets at least, this cat must not be harmed.

  4. I have made contact with 4 no-kill organizations in that area, pleading and promising a donation.
    It’s a wait and see thing now but, I don’t expect a whple lot.
    In case there is anyone left on the planet that doesn’t know how I feel about kill shelters, here it is:

    I HATE THEM!!!

      • Good morning, Michael. I’m doing well, thanks.
        I know that this doesn’t need to be said… We can’t know the exact circumstances, but maybe it’s best to give this innocent victim a new, loving home. I hope and pray that this happens.

  5. Thought I’d make a call this morning. Hope they’re getting inundated.

    Hrs. of operation and Rocky’s “ID #” Rocky A1478561

    Hillsborough County Animal Services
    440 N. Falkenburg Road
    Tampa, Florida 33619

    Open 7 days a week 10a.m.-7p.m.

  6. I’ll donate money to this if it helps. I’m 100% serious, PLEASE contact me if ANY money is needed to get Rocky out of there. Maybe I can pay to have him transported to a no kill shelter for a start.

    Florida, yikes, one of the many ground zeros for cat killing pretty much.

    • Florida is a popular place for cat owners. Lots of Bengal cat breeder there for instance. Thanks again Marc for your generosity. I hope someone comes forward who lives locally and does the necessary. It ain’t asking much. If the person adopting needs some finance we’ll get back to you πŸ˜‰

      • Good, yes. Michael I’ll have Marion’s money on my paypal account either tomorrow or the day after. Doesn’t mean I can’t do a bank transfer though. Whichever is cheaper.

    • Marc, you are such a goodhearted, solid example for all of us. I sure wish that we all could simply fly down there and rescue Rocky. I don’t know much about this shelter other than what’s been said here, but I will be calling when they open today. Until then, maybe a few comments to our fellow catlovers in Tampa via Facebook.

      Thank you for the kind reply that you left me a wk ago or so. It inspired me to start back into my yoga class. I meant to reply to you after such a thoughtful comment as always from you. I was missing the class terribly–it just wasn’t the same without her soothing voice and flow. Although it is fun doing yoga with my cats. Well, they seem to be fascinated anyway πŸ™‚

      • Hey Caroline – thank you for your kind remarks. That’s great your starting back into yoga. Yes a class can help and you can still go home and do some more – I like classes to – they motivate me a lot and sometimes I really need that.

        I really hope Rocky is saved from this place. Couldn’t we rent his cage for 5 or 10 bucks a day to keep him there til he gets adopted?

        Oh man it’s heartbreaking. I feel powerless, all I have is a little bit of money to help him if need be.

      • Shared on facebook as I’ve lots of USA contacts through the anti declaw battle, it’s 2pm here so only 6am in Florida (I think) so the day is just beginning there and hopefully someone will see it soon and save Rocky.

    • Am sharing Rocky on my page also! Hopefully with all of us…he can find a home where a normal person KNOWS that cats do HISS! JEEZ!

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