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Rogue Animal Control officer seizes nine feral cats from backyard. 7 are euthanized. — 12 Comments

  1. This owner needs to file suit against not only the individual officer, but the police department. That is the only way she will be taken seriously. When it comes to negotiations she can settle with the police for a nominal amount to cover fees, a guarantee that they will prosecute the former officer to the fullest extent of the law, and that if he loses the sentencing recommendation be the maximum allowed.

  2. I am furious! I am outraged! A monster walks onto someone else’s property without permission and takes animals off and kills them and there is no prosecution????? This is the pure definition of felony cruelty! I hope the property owner knows that she has a right to file civil action against this monster!

    • Thanks. Yes, it all seems to be taken casually by the authorities. This is because they were feral cats. The authorities do not hold feral cats in high regard. The opposite in fact.

  3. It is entirely possible that a person could adopt an ear tipped cat, in which case capturing the poor thing and having it euthanized means the owner would lose their beloved cat. But with TNR, they should have been left alone. I hope it was just this rogue who was the problem there.

    BTW, I miss the way you used to send out emails. The subject line would catch my attention more readily than in the digest format. This must work more efficiently for you, however.

    • Carol I can reinstate that method of notification but I was annoying some people when publishing say 4 articles. I did not want to flood their inbox. I agree about ear-tipped cats being adopted.

    • Yes, someone should in law enforcement should have called and asked questions. Very odd. Sandy Pines probably have friends in law enforcement.

  4. If this killer has been identified, it should be turned over to law enforcement as it is a FELONY to abuse or harm ANY cat in all 50 US States. *RIP* the innocent, blameless, beloved cats who have died at the hands of this criminal, which needs to be stopped before it takes any more innocent lives.

  5. Appalling and sickening are not strong enough words to use, but this is a family rated site. I’m tearing up… What a foul human being and I’m not surprised that this comes from Texas, second only to N. Carolina in how badly they regard animals. (Not ALL Texans but the worst stories come from these two states, imo.)

    • Actually, Albert. It’s better to look at states’ laws on the books. Austin, the nearest metropolis to San Marcos is a no-kill city. Check out TNR programs, clinics and free spay and neuter. Gassing is banned…unlike, say Utah, whose legislature just recently refused to ban gassing. I could go on. I think you might have limited exposure and are only seeing sensational stories. I’m in Texas.

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