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Rogue cop killed cat entangled in barbed wire with a hammer — 5 Comments

  1. This is horrific, poor Freddy.

    There have been a lot of stories lately where cops in the US have shot/killed/battered to death family pets.

    With the increasing arming of UK cops, I am sure we will follow suit soon enough 🙁

  2. As I said before and still feel the same, killing that poor cat with a hammer speaks of brutality. I think in most cases, there would’ve been many options to choose from. It felt wrong to me, sounded wrong, and ultimately he seems to fit the profile. I go by my gut and have learned to trust that.

    • Your gut was right. When I first read the story I wasn’t sure whether the police officer had been wrong in his actions because we didn’t have all the facts. Although on the face of it he did appear to do wrong, very wrong, the circumstances may have mitigated his actions. But now we know that he is a bad cop it tells us why it happened as it did. His attitude was entirely wrong and he could have done so much more to have saved the life of this cat.

  3. Almost, but not quite, shocking that this was the best solution a trained policeman could come up with in an emergency situation.
    I would have hated to have had him on duty here the night I got injured in the woods, the hammer wielding psycho!

    • Yes, it surprising that he got into the police force and then got back in after being sacked. I agree that the way he dealt with the injured cat was blinkered. I sense his immediate thought was to kill the cat rather than how to save the cat. It’s a mentality and his is very poor.

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