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Role Reversal: Rat Terrifies Cat! — 7 Comments

  1. Michael I agree with use it or lose it however in this instance I have to disagree. We had a mouse in the kitchen then all hell broke lose when the mouse for some reason known only to himself decided to head for the front door! First we knew of it when there was a scuffle concerning Alfie in the hallway and Mouse decided to head for the living room. I don’t like cats to torture small animals yet at the same time mouse wasn’t welcome.
    Anyway 2 adults and 3 cats were in hot pursuit! he was one quick little mouse! Well I say little he was quite big actually!
    I went to grab him a number of times and he darted this way and that until he finally hid in the cat toys most of which are yep you guessed it! Mice!!
    M C Ozzie finally caught him and yet Ozzie being a house cat had never caught one before but knew exactly what to do! He then wouldn’t let it go so he ran around growling ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. yea my heart would panic like i have had other times. We had a rat climb up though the electrics of the oven. As we got 5 cats and none of them could catch the rat. Then found out it had been making a home under the elements. Had to get an electrician to fix oven and got the rat. The big mommy rat i find hard to catch. We found using a cat cage a great way of catching them as they so afraid when theres cats around it will go in there, then its like get that rat and let it run free. Then the cats run after them.

  3. That is a BIG rat! Thank goodness it’s not in our country lol my screams would be heard all over England if Jozef brought one home that size lol and Barbaras would be heard worldwide!
    I don’t think Jo would be afraid of tackling it, he brought a rabbit home almost as big as himself, but Walt wouldn’t be very sure, he prefers small shrew types of mice.

    • I do not believe that you would scream because you saw a rat that size! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you would grab hold of something and beaten it to death! You are a very practical person and I think when push comes to shove your practicality would takeover. Maybe you would send in Jo to deal with it?

      • Rats make me quake in my boots Michael, I think it’s their long thick tails as I’m scared of worms and snakes, wouldn’t hurt them but just don’t like them as friends lol
        I suppose I’d kill a rat if it was getting the better of a cat but I think our Jo would do a better job than me with his fatal nape bite.

  4. OMG thats a big rat. Thank goodness they caught it. Cant stand rats. My jasmin caught a baby rat the other day hes not even even 3 months old!

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