Rome, Georgia: Another case of “we got a new puppy so the cat has to go”

This sad case comes out of Rome, Georgia (USA) and is a story often heard by people who follow shelter cats on social media. This beautiful cat was surrendered because the family got a new puppy.

Gray was dumped because the family got a new puppy
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Her name is Gray and she’s a young female dilute calico. Gray is available for adoption for $35 at Public Animal Welfare Services in Rome, Georgia.

Please share her story, as being an owner-surrendered kitty, she may be killed for space at any time. Or she may catch the dreaded kitty cold. A lot of things could happen to this beauty if she isn’t adopted or rescued soon.

People, if you’re planning on getting a new puppy, please consider whether the resident cat will get along with it. This is the same type of “adopter” (and I use that word loosely) who will return the puppy to the shelter when it gets old or sick, or when the family gets bored and wants to experience a new puppy.

You can keep up with Gray on her Facebook thread.

I also think people who surrender the family cat under these circumstances should be put on some kind of list to prevent them from adopting from the shelter. Agreed?



2 thoughts on “Rome, Georgia: Another case of “we got a new puppy so the cat has to go””

  1. Cats are still seen as disposable pets. However understand the mentality of the humans here. When puppy becomes a problem it probably won’t fare much better.


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