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Ron Hines DVM describes cat declawing in an appalling way — 5 Comments

  1. My opinion is that he is purposely candy coating for reasons that we all know.
    He’s trained and knows what the real deal is.
    The word “fraud” comes to mind. His clients should sue if he doesn’t fully disclose before he butchers their cats.

    • Agreed. He knows what he is doing and clearly the wording is misleading. I wonder whether he has worded declawing like this because of peer pressure. He does not want to fall out with other vets. I sense that a lot, perhaps the majority, of vets passively support declawing because of peer pressure. They are scared to step outside the pack and become an outsider. That appears to be one reason. The other is money of course.

  2. What an appallingly ignorant man, this bit at the bottom made me seethe with rage!
    ‘Dear reader, my responsibility is to you and your cat , not the HSUS or crusading activists. It would be easy for me to just supply you with their politically correct advice – But I am not going to give you advice that ruins your loving relationship with your pet or fills shelters with abandoned cats – no mater how much webflack my articles generate)’

    He can’t even spell! But that’s beside the point, I can’t find any way to comment on there or to contact this excuse for a vet, not that he would care about anti declaw comments anyway,he is an arrogant man who breaks his oath every time he mutilates a cat or kitten! This is exactly why declawing MUST be banned, to stop vets like him spreading these lies about doing the best for cats and declawing saving homes. No doubt he will retire one day with his finger ends intact ands his bank balance bursting with blood money!

  3. Definitely misleading definition of “CAT DECLAWING”. That too from a prominent American Veterianarian!The public always “BELIEVES” information from “ESTABLISHED NEWSPAPERS” and REPUTED INDIVIDUALS” even if at times the so called “FACTS” are later proved to be false or at best controversial.”CAT DECLAWING” is definitely harmful for cats as it alters their personality as well as effects their paws physically.

    • Thanks for your support Rudolph. Dr Hines really has got this wrong. I don’t know if he is being careless or is deliberately downplaying declawing. I have a feeling it is the latter. He lives in Texas. Texans tend to be hunters and shooters.

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