Rooster play-fights with domestic cat

This is a strange video. It is not obvious that the rooster and cat are play-fighting. Some observers might think that they are actually fighting to the death but I’m convinced that they are not. You can see the cat’s jaws on the rooster’s neck and at that point the cat could kill the rooster but he didn’t. It’s just a bit of play fun. And the rooster reciprocates in exactly the same way by nipping the cat. They’ve been brought up together. If they have not been raised together by the home owner they’ve certainly lived together since they were very small and these two very different species of animal consider each other to be a sibling and a friend.

Domestic cat play-fightswith rooster
Domestic cat play-fights with rooster. Screenshot.
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The differences between them has totally disappeared. It appears to have been filmed in the Middle East or perhaps the Far East. I don’t know and the video doesn’t tell me but it is highly unusual. Although it is not unusual to have friendships between completely different species of animal both in size and appearance (see some examples below). It’s just a question of socialisation. Anything is possible when one animal is profoundly socialised to another since birth. You will even see pigs behaving as dogs and dogs behaving as domestic cats perched on top of a cat tree fully believing that they are a domestic cat because they been raised with a cat litter since they were little puppies.


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