Royal Palm Beach Florida have decided to ban cat and dog sales

Royal Palm Beach Florida have decided to ban cat and dog sales and it’s sounds like a world first to me. It is certainly a dramatic decision and personally I think it is a bold and great decision. It’s a tough one to make because it has the potential for putting people out of business which is probably the objective when it comes to puppy and kitten mills.

Decision to ban sale of cats and dogs in stores in Royal Palm Beach
Photo: Allen Eyestone – The Palm Beach Post
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One family owned business is crying foul. They say that it would be criminal to force them to close their shop: Star Pups Inc.. The decision to ban the sale of cats and dogs takes effect in 18 months which allows existing outlets to close down in a controlled manner (that’s my interpretation). The council were concerned about being sued if they did not allow an adequate lead in time.

The decision to ban sales was unanimous at 5-0. The subject has been discussed for years and animal welfare advocates are naturally pleased as it will put a stop to puppy and kitten mills supplying the businesses.

As I understand it existing pet stores will continue to operate provided they get their animals from bona fide suppliers (i.e. licensed breeders and suppliers with a clean record of compliance of USDA standards). Animal shelters and rescue organisations are except of course.

The huge problem with cat and dog sales in shops is that the suppliers are often unethical in supplying sick animals which leads to huge upset by adopters who are saddled with an unforeseen and heavy financial burden in veterinary bills.

There is also the obvious point that there are already many unwanted cats and dogs. It is illogical and unkind to sell sick animals when people should be adopted unwanted pets instead.

It seems that Star Pups has a dubious reputation as there have been six complaints in 2018 about sick puppies. Although the store did provide refunds and complied with existing regulations. That’s not the real point though. It is just plain unethical.

Source: Palm Beach Post.

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4 thoughts on “Royal Palm Beach Florida have decided to ban cat and dog sales”

  1. USDA standards are crap. Many of the puppy and kitten mills busted have USDA licenses. The only place anyone should ever purchase a purebred cat or dog is from the breeder who has both parents or access to them at the site, They are home raised and you have a full health guarantee for the time the state requires and a lifetime guarantee from genetic issues. There are several so called USDA certified breeding kennels around here and they are dumps. There are USDA dog breeders with over 500 animals in their care. A puppy mill is a puppy mill and it goes for cats also. You are buying a mass produced pet with a prettier wrapper. Commercial breeding of companion pets is abhorrent and most of them are deprived of that very early handling and in home situations that socializes them to humans from birth.

    • “Many of the puppy and kitten mills busted have USDA licenses.”

      That kind of undermines the new ordinance 😉

      Thanks ME. I hope this Palm Beach law does hurt the puppy mills. If I was in charge I’d close all sales of pets at pet shops nationwide until there were no unwanted companion animals in the contry then I’d reconsider on a shop by shop basis.

      • Pet shops both independent and chains are businesses and when they look at the bottom line and profit are going to buy from the cheapest source. Puppy and kitten mills breed registered animals but they do not care about the actual quality.
        Puppies and kittens suffer mental trauma in shelters it’s no different in pet shops just because they setting is nicer.
        Socialization begins at birth not when someone deems them old enough to stuff in a van and deposit them to businesses like inanimate objects.
        Puppies and kittens that are defective are simply destroyed and not usually in a way anyone would find acceptable. When you buy a purebred puppy in a retail store you are paying the markup not quality.It’s a wretched business. This goes for most of the small animals and birds you see in any pet store.

        • Thanks ME. Why do local authorities and even the federal government allow this? There is no place anywhere for this. It is the same in the UK and the same angst about it but nothing happens.


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