RSPCA Adopts Out 55 Siamese Cats

This is a first in the history of animal shelter adoption. The RSPCA, at various facilities in the southeast of England, were holding 55 Siamese cats for adoption. They were rescued from a single home in Croydon. Breeding by an individual had got out of control.

Siamese cat at RSPCA
Siamese cat at RSPCA. Photo: RSPCA
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Indeed around 55 Siamese cats were rescued but it appears, based on my research, that nearly all of them have now been adopted out by the RSPCA or reserved. Understandably, a flood of emails and application forms were submitted to the RSPCA. At their Purley, Caterham and District branch they have Siamese cats for adoption but they are no longer taking adoption requests and are going through the application forms received.

At the Purley facility the Siamese cats currently in their care are a pair of males at 11-months-of-age, three females at four-months-of-age and one male at five-months-of-age.

Adoption was on a first-come first-served basis but as I understand it they are now all earmarked or about to be so.

The RSPCA insists that the Siamese cats must be adopted in pairs and people should not contact the branch unless they are interested in adopting in pairs.

Prior reports about these Siamese cats tell us that they were valued at £25,000 as a group. There were kittens, adults and pregnant adults.

My impression is that the person who owned these cats was not a breeder. It appears that he or she adopted unneutered cats and allowed them to breed. They were rescued by the RSPCA from a home in Croydon on February 20, 2019.

They are (or were) at three RSPCA animal rescue centres. Eleven cats were at RSPCA Leybourne in Kent, six were at the RSPCA Purley facility and 38 of the Siamese cats were at RSPCA South Godstone in Surrey. This information has probably and almost certainly been superseded by events. As mentioned, I am sure that many of these cats have already been adopted or reserved.

This was a unique opportunity for people to adopt purebred Siamese cats at I presume a discount price. Of course the purchase of a cat is only a tiny fraction of the cost of owning a cat. People should be attuned to that thought.They appear to be purebred judging by their appearance. They are what I would describe as classic Siamese cats. They are not modern, super slender, rat-faced Siamese cats but the classic old-style Siamese. It appears that most of them are seal pointed but I also noticed that one of them was a blue-point Siamese cat.

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