RSPCA euthanized two kittens with ‘wobbly cat syndrome’ without telling their owner

The RSPCA have been accused of being arrogant and unprofessional in euthanising two kittens both of whom had a condition called ‘wobbly cat syndrome’ (feline cerebellar hyperplasia) without discussing the matter and obtaining the consent of their owner, Lucy Pauley, who had raised them from birth and who herself said that it was entirely unnecessary to euthanise them.

“…..but this particular vet played God with two lives, and it’s not acceptable. We wouldn’t do it to humans, so why are we doing it to innocent kittens?” – Lucy Pauley, the kitten’s owner

Two kittens with feline cerrebellar hypoplasia killed by a vet at RSPCA
Twelve-week-old kittens Pumba and Diddy who were put down by the RSPCA. For the record they are dark tortoiseshell cats. Photo: CATERS NEWS/CATERS NEWS
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This case is certainly upsetting. Firstly this is not a case of euthanasia but of killing because these two kittens could have lived pretty normal lives. There are numerous instances of cats with this condition living happy lives. It is not life-threatening. It is caused by an underdeveloped cerebellum which is part of the cat’s brain. It is normally caused by a viral infection, feline distemper, transmitted from mother to kitten during pregnancy. On YouTube there are many videos of kittens with cerebellar hyperplasia who are much loved and living good lives.

Lucy Pauley
Lucy Pauley, the foster carer and owner of the kittens who were unecessarily euthanised by an RSPCA vet. Photo: CATERS NEWS/CATERS NEWS

Lucy Pauley, the foster carer and owner of these kittens, and a veterinary nurse, had taken her two 12-week-old-kittens, Pumba and Diddy, to the RSPCA’s Coventry And District branch on August 8 for routine jabs.

She says that they were put down without her knowledge two days later. Apparently they fell down a ramp at the cattery due to their condition.

She argues that it was a rash decision taken by a locum veterinarian. She claims that the veterinarian went against earlier advice of another veterinarian at the branch.

The RSPCA said that they were following best professional advice. They claim that the condition had deteriorated to a point where it was causing the kittens to suffer.

“The kittens were assessed by an independent vet who found they had a deteriorating neurological condition which the vet felt was causing them to suffer as they were struggling to stand, hold their heads up and eat.”

Comment: Do you believe Lucy or the RSPCA? I believe Lucy. It is absolutely certain in my mind that the RSPCA have arrogantly decided to kill these kittens because they suffered from a neurological condition which in fact is quite manageable. The fact that they did not discuss the matter with Lucy is unforgivable.

Perhaps something happened at the clinic which caused them to suffer injury and they are covering it up. I have a sense that that might have happened. Either way it is carelessness and arrogance which has caused the loss of these two lives.

Comments on The Telegraph newspaper website (the source of the story) are all against the RSPCA. This organisation has a history of being high-handed. You may remember that in the past that they took up unwarranted prosecutions against people accused of animal cruelty.

One person said that the RSPCA euthanise animals because it is cheaper than treating them. My personal view is that they were indeed playing God in this instance. They regarded these two kittens as defective animals and that the best thing to do was to kill them. This goes against their ethos:

“We work to improve the welfare of pets by ensuring that every pet is cared for properly and has a good home.” – RPCA.

Well you failed in this instance.

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