RSPCA prosecute Kurt Zouma and his brother Yoan under the Animal Welfare Act 2006

This is an update on the viral new story concerning Kurt Zouma and his brother Yoan who respectively kicked the family cat and videoed the kicking. To add insult to injury Yoan uploaded his video to social media which resulted in catastrophic criticism of the pair, booing on the pitch and now prosecution for the crime of animal abuse. Yoan was also suspended from his club Dagenham & Redbridge. Kurt continued to play for West Ham but that also caused criticism by pundits and most journalists reporting on the incident. Zouma was finds £250,000 or two-weeks’ wages which is the maximum he could have been fined.

Kurt Zouma
Kurt Zouma. Photo: Sky Sports.
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Following a full and thorough investigation, we have started the process of bringing a prosecution against Kurt Zouma and Yoan Zouma under the Animal Welfare Act. – RSPCA

Update May 23rd 2022: it is now reported on the BBC today that Mr Zouma will be attending Thames Magistrates Court tomorrow. This will be his first court appearance. And as I understand it is brother will also be attending court.

Further update May 24th 2022: Kurt Zouma has pleaded guilty at the magistrates court to a charge under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. He would have been charged with animal cruelty under that Act. He will be sentenced at a later date. His cats have been taken from him and they are currently with the RSPCA. I believe that he agreed that his cats can be rehomed. I believe his brother has been charged similarly but in aiding and abetting Mr Zouma’s crime. We shall wait and see what his sentences. I suspect it will be a large fine.

It has taken the RSPCA quite a considerable time to come to the conclusion to prosecute despite the hard evidence available to them in the form of a video as mentioned. I reported on this incident on 8 February 2022. Click this to read that page and updated yourself if you wish.

Despite the fact that Kurt Zouma will now end up in the magistrates’ court on a criminal charge his club has declined to comment for legal reasons but they stated that the cat or cats involved have been checked by a vet and are in good health and have suffered no physical injuries. The cats remain under the care of the RSPCA at a cat shelter somewhere. Zouma continues to play for West Ham despite the criminal charge.

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We do not know whether the cats will be returned to Kurt Zouma. If I were to speculate it is likely that they will be adopted out to a new home. The RSPCA are probably waiting for the conclusion of the criminal case. If Zouma is found guilty and convicted the judge might make an order that he is banned from owning companion animals for a set period of time which would then lead to his cats being adopted out to a new home.

Zouma has apologised and of course, as mentioned, the Bengal cat concerned did not suffer lasting injury. We don’t know whether the cat became anxious as a result.

There’s been no mention of the young boy who was holding the cat when Zouma slapped the cat around the head so hard that the cat jumped out of the boy’s hands. What about that boy? It might be a situation where the local authority’s social workers could get involved to watch Kurt Zouma because he clearly does not have an appreciation of the sensitivities of children and how they can be harmed emotionally and psychologically if they observe animal abuse and cruelty at close hand.


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