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Running a thumb across the teeth of a comb caused this cat to retch. Why? — 7 Comments

  1. i tried the comb thing & it doesnt do THAT, but it does make him come hopping over to me to get combed & brushed. i already knew that the crinkle bag thing wouldnt work like that either cuz whenever Lex hears a crinkle he comes running into my office or to wherever i am cuz he thinks hes gonna get a treat whether its a treat treat or some of MY food as a treat…he IS a cat-dog though. yeah hes a chow-hound. he will eat just about anything…as long as i hold it out to him in the palm of my hand. if i put it any place other than my hand or his dish he wont eat it. my gfs cat Blake wont eat it unless its on the floor or in his dish & he ONLY eats his food, cat treats, or plain noodles, oh & clam chowder. the comb retch thing doesnt work on him either. theyre both 4 1/2 yrs old. i dont know if THATs supposed to make a difference.

  2. We’re all sensitive to certain sounds, and respond differently. I was visiting someone yesterday for the first time, and during the time we were having a conversation she had some Johnny Cash music on TV so loud, I almost felt nauseous trying to continue our visit. I’ve experienced this feeling before, when the TV background sounds dominate, but no one else seems to notice. They just talk over it. It’s upsetting to me to attempt to do this, and it causes a nervous feeling in my gut.

    I wonder if any studies have been done about how cats react to certain sounds. I’m sure they have, but not sure about the comb.

    • I would really like to see some studies done on this sort of subject. I have a strong feeling that we, humans, are missing something important in the way that domestic cats react to certain sorts of sounds. I believe that a study would shed light on an aspect of cat anatomy and cat behaviour that we don’t yet know about.

  3. No,but it makes most cringe. The body reacts. Maybe certain sounds make cats react by retching.Think of all the things our body reacts to physically,smells,sounds,etc. Why not other species? In the videos it looks as if their saliva glands become overactive,thus causing them to gag.

    • Yes, I agree Geri. I would just like to see some scientist do some proper research on this topic. We don’t have clear answers as to why domestic cats react to certain sorts of sounds in quite a strong way. I believe that it is something inherent within the cat going back to their wild cat ancestor. I think the study would shed light on cat anatomy and behaviour.

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