Russia, China and India are destroying the planet

Russia, India and China destroying the planet
Russia, India and China destroying the planet
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We all know about Russia and its megalomaniac, psychopathic, Stalinesque leader, Putin. He has turned Russia into a terrorist state and the way he talks and the way he threatens other nations you would think that he is itching to fire nuclear ballistic missiles onto the UK. If any country such as France or the UK sends troops into Ukraine, he will, he has promised, use nuclear weapons against those countries. Russia’s constitution allows it and he constantly reminds us of it.

Russia and China

And Russia has cosied up to China and vice versa. China supports Russia and President Xi Jinping and President Putin are buddies. Together they form a kind of axis of evil. China is not in the process of invading Taiwan but President Xi has promised that he will do it. In that sense, he has identical objectives to Putin. Putin wants to expand Russia and become the old USSR again believing that Ukraine is part of Russia and President Xi of China believes that Taiwan is part of China and should be China.

But Putin is terrifying the world. He terrifying young people and doing nothing about global warming. China is doing almost nothing about global warming. The President has said that China aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060! Pathetic I would say. It’s far more urgent than that. Another worrying aspect of this post is that I used Bing’s artificial intelligent bot to do some research on China’s objectives regarding achieving carbon neutrality and they went to a Chinese website where it says that China is doing wonderful things and has ambitious targets et cetera. This is a biased response. China is doing nowhere near enough to curb global warming. They are still buying huge amounts of coal from Australia. They lag behind and this simply isn’t good enough.

China’s marine destruction

It isn’t just the fact that China is ignoring global warming in order to achieve a commercial advantage over the rest of the world as it is the world’s factory for consumer goods, China is also destroying precious coral reefs in claiming certain areas of the South China Sea.

Chinese fishermen in the South China Sea have destroyed coral reefs in their relentless harvesting of giant clams, the Philippines has said and they have announced plans to bring an international legal case against Beijing. It’s clear that China doesn’t care about the marine environment. It’s clear they don’t care about conservation. They just want to rape and pillage the planet in order to gain a commercial advantage. There are also huge Chinese fishing fleets in Antartica gobbling up marine resources.

The shells of giant clams are precious and valuable selling for as much as a hundred thousand dollars each with a texture similar to that of ivory. Like I said, commercial advantage.

A report said that there is a hidden crisis unfolding across the South China Sea. The marine environment is declining to critical levels. This is due to increased fishing, dredging and landfill along with the giant clam harvesting. All of these have taken a devastating toll on the planet. More than $3 trillion worth of international trade passes annually through the South China Sea and since 2014 Beijing has strengthened its claim to virtually the entire sea by concreting over reefs to build military airports.

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India is a chameleon. They support whoever is in power as long as it helps them commercially. They appear to be wallowing in moral turpitude. They are also wallowing in plastic and the pollution of their blackened rivers. India is one of the top contributors to ocean plastic pollution. And India is cosying up to Russia. They are buying what appears to be cheap gas and oil from Russia because Russia can’t send it anywhere else other than China or something like that. But India should be taking a stand against Russia but they aren’t. They are taking advantage of Russia’s difficulties by bargaining for discount rates on energy supplies. Like I said, moral turpitude which advances the destruction of the planet.

India has more than 200 operational coal power plants. These are polluting machines, chucking carbon dioxide and other global warming gases into the atmosphere wantonly without any real attempt to protect the planet in the long-term future.

China has the greatest number of coal fire-fired power stations globally with 1142 operational coal powered plants on the mainland as of July 2023. This figure is more than four times higher than India which ranks second in coal power stations. There is a hugely pressing need for both India and China to phase back their coal-fired power stations and become more environmentally friendly.

Disturbing story of howler monkeys in Mexico falling from trees like apples

But like I say, these three countries are contributing to the destruction of the planet; an example of this is a story recently posted on the Internet about howler monkeys falling from trees in Mexico because of the unbearable heat.

It is said that howler monkeys are falling from trees like apples from a tree. They are suffering from heat stroke and the fall from the tree finishes them off. Some of them are being rescued and recovered many have simply died where they have fallen. The point here is that one expert said that this species of monkey is a “sentinel species”; a reference to the canary-in a-coalmine scenario where one species can say a lot about an ecosystem. The shocking deaths of these howler monkeys is indicative that something terribly wrong is happening with the world because of climate change.

These irresponsible and terrorist countries are helping to turn the planet into dust.

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