Russia: couple of cats have novel way of getting inside with human help

I have to say that I have seen a very wide range of ways for cats to leave and enter their homes. All of the adventurous and novel ways concern cats living in apartments in mainland Europe, Russia or Eastern Europe but I a sure there are some imaginative methods employed elsewhere. And they always concern apartments because they are particular issues with cats getting into and out of flats. You’ve got lease problems (legal issues) and height problems (flats on the first floor and upwards). I have seen some amazing cat ladders to the fifth floor. Extraordinary. The one at the end of this post is a classic example from Switzerland.

Couple of cats in Russia have a novel way of getting inside with the help of their human friend
Couple of cats in Russia have a novel way of getting inside with the help of their human friend
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The method we see in the video above is true teamwork. It is entirely based in the cat’s ability to climb. It is neat temporary solution that can be used and put away. What I mean is the window can be shut afterwards. I guess that the cats jump down from the window when they want to leave. It is quite a high downwards jump. It’ll be fine for most domestic cats except the elderly.

She could have a cat flap fitted into the glass of the window and a plank from the window sill to the ground. I suspect that the lease does not allow a cat flap in the window.

Switzerland cat ladder serving apartments:

Cat ladders of Switzerland
Cat ladders of Switzerland. Photograph: Brigitte Schuster

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