Russian bailiffs seize the debtor’s Don Sphynx purebred cat

This is harsh proof that, legally, domestic cats are still ‘owned’ by people and they are still assets to be seized by bailiffs when a person refuses to settle his debts. At least in Russia!

Don Sphynx seized by baliffs

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Russians like their fancy cats. They have their own hairless cat, the Don Sphynx. It looks like the American version, the Sphynx but it is a different breed.

Purebred cats, as an asset to be seized, are effective in forcing the debtor to pay up because not only are they an asset there is obviously an emotional connection with the owner. Seize his cat and threaten to sell ‘it’ and that puts a considerable amount of pressure on the debtor. Of course, he has to have the money.

If he is genuinely on his uppers (broke) then he’ll have to lose his cat and that is sad and unfair, both for cat and person.

There is no consideration given to the cat’s welfare in tearing him from his human companion. The cat is removed as if he is a piece of furniture.

Apparently seizing pets is not unusual in Russia probably because, as mentioned, it is effective. But it can’t be said to be humane and decent. It is going too far. A person hounded by bailiffs should be allowed to keep certain things and her pet is one of those things.

In the UK some goods are protected and can’t be taken by a bailiff including pets. This is more humane.

I can’t find the regulation governing American bailiffs (debt collectors) but I’d expect them to forbid taking a pet.

Source: Russian bailiffs seize cat over owner’s unpaid debt – May. 19, 2015

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