Russian Blue cat breeders – worldwide long list

There is a list of breeders of the Russian Blue cat in an embedded spreadsheet below. The purpose of this page is to list all the breeders worldwide rather than those that have, for example, paid to be listed on a website or who are affiliated to a cat club or a particular association. In short it is an attempt to pull all the strands together so people can get a clear overview of the number of Russian Blue cat breeders throughout the world.

Super Russian Blue cat
Super Russian Blue cat. Picture in public domain on Twitter.
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Obviously, things can change fairly quickly. Russian Blue cat breeders (perhaps almost all of them) are probably hobby breeders or small businesses. They come and go. For that reason, this spreadsheet should be updated regularly and refined at the same time.

Update April 17, 2022: as this list was prepared around 10 years ago, I would expect a good number of the links to these breeders to now be redundant. Their websites might still be in existence however. If that happens, I’m sorry but right now I do not have the time to amend the list because it would take many hours of work. Building the list was really a one-off effort. I hope that it remains useful to a certain extent. The Russian Blue has become more popular over these intervening 10 years.

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Quick Guide to this cat breed.

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The World Cat Federation couldn’t help me in finding breeders, as far as I can see. If they can help, I can’t see a list of breeders. FiFé couldn’t help me either as it seems that you have to search for a cattery.

The Russian Blue is said to be an intelligent cat breed. This may, in part, be due to the introduction of Siamese genes when after the second world war the Russian Blue was reduced dramatically in population. The Siamese is known to be one of the more intelligent cat breeds. See cat intelligence.

The Russian Blue is one of the grey cat breeds. But there is a cat breed called the Russian White. I hope this is not a Russian Blue White! And a Russian Black and a tabby version of this cat. There are breeds of cat created in 1971, derived from the Russian Blue. The Black and Tabby Russians came from the original mating which created the Russian White1.

Another aspect of this breed that I had not heard before is that it may be an hypoallergenic cat breed, on the basis that the word hypoallergenic means a reduction in the possibility of people suffering an allergic reaction to cats on account of the cat producing less of the allergen Fel D1 as opposed to having no allergens whatsoever. I know of no scientific research that supports this supposition, however. See more on the Russian Blue cat.

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